The Chitauri Gorillas[1] are gigantic creatures commanded by the Chitauri during the invasion of Earth.


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Battle of Earth

Chitauri Gorillas were present during the Battle of Earth against the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wakandans, Asgardians, and the Ravagers. The surviving Chitauri Gorillas at the battle turned to dust when Tony Stark snapped his fingers.[2]

Characteristic Traits

The Chitauri Gorillas, as their name suggests, are large alien beasts whose posture and gait resembled that of a gorilla. They have 4 fingers on each of their hands, while their feet have 3 toes. Much like the other Chitauri forces, their bodies have been outfitted with cybernetic implants and armor plating. Some of the armor appears to cover their mouths and obscures their faces. As such, lights on their faces function as their eyes, which shut off after their death.

The Chitauri Gorillas function as military animals for the Chitauri. Despite their large sizes and strength, they seem to be completely subservient to them, seeing as they allow themselves to be leashed by chains.





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