"The Chitauri are the suckiest army in the galaxy. Why didn't you just blow up the mothership?"
"We didn't know that was a thing."
Rocket Raccoon and Steve Rogers[src]

The Chitauri Command Center was the large command ship that the Chitauri used to hold their army to fight in the Battle of New York.


The Chitauri rode and held their army on the ship as they prepared for the Battle of New York. The battle ended when Iron Man took a nuclear missile that was meant to hit Manhattan and redirected it through the portal linking Earth to Thanos' domain. The nuclear missile then hit the ship, which controlled every Chitauri and Leviathan, causing them to die all at once.[1]

In a vision created by Scarlet Witch to be used on Tony Stark, there appeared to be more than one of these command centers.[2]


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