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"You wanna get up there, you're gonna need a ride."
"I got a ride. I could use a lift though."
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yeah. It's gonna be fun."
Captain America and Black Widow[src]

Chitauri Chariots, also known as Chitauri Cruisers, are the primary methods of transportation used by the Chitauri. They were notably used as air fighter squadrons during the Battle of New York.


"After New York, we found transceivers in the wreckage of one of the Chitauri cruisers."
Fischer to Hale[src]

The Chitauri used these chariots, which resembled jet skis, during the Battle of New York, as their main method of air combat. Due to their speed, the chariots had poor handling, making a chase through numerous turns difficult. The chariots were disabled when the Chitauri Command Center was destroyed.[1]

The power source of the chariots were later used by Adrian Toomes and his crew for their criminal activities.[2]

During the clean-up, the chariots fell into the custody of the United States Air Force, who found transceivers in one of the chariots. The HYDRA members within the Air Force, led by General Fischer, used a transceiver to send out a signal in an attempt to contact extraterrestrials, resulting in the Confederacy shifting their focus on Earth and striking an alliance with HYDRA.[3]


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