The Chitauri Blowtorch is a weapon designed by Tinkerer by manipulating salvaged Chitauri technology with human mechanical engineering. Powered by a Chitauri Energy Core and capable of slicing through steel and concrete, the item was sold to several parties on the black market.


A Chitauri Blowtorch was purchased by a quartet of criminals, who used it to cut open numerous ATMs at the Queens Community Bank in order to acquire the money. Their attempt was interrupted by Spider-Man, causing a fight to break out and one of the robbers, in a last ditch effort, increased the power of the weapon to kill the young vigilante, only to lose control of the weapon and destroyed the bank and Delmar's Deli-Grocery, a bodega across the street, forcing Spider-Man to save his friend Delmar, thus allowing the robbers to escape.

The use of the modified weapon and its recorded destructive capabilities caused Anne Marie Hoag, the field leader of Damage Control, to personally visit the crime scene the next day.[1]


The Chitauri Blowtorch acts like a industrial blowtorch, only powered by a Chitauri Energy Core, allowing it to cut through almost any material, shown being able to destroy a building on maximum power.


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