Chitauri Armor is protective clothing worn by the Chitauri troops who invaded Earth during the Battle of New York. Years after the battle, HYDRA soldiers donned the armor during their efforts against the Avengers.


The Chitauri army wore armor as a means of protecting themselves from the attacks of the Avengers when they fought in the Battle of New York.[1]

After the battle, several suits of armor were confiscated by S.H.I.E.L.D. They were later smuggled into the possession of HYDRA by sleeper agents, and were modified and weaponized for the HYDRA soldiers.[2]

HYDRA operatives wore the armor during their fight against the Avengers during the Battle of Sudan[3] and their Attack on the HYDRA Research Base.[2]


  • Flight: The armor can fly through a jet propulsion system that is similar to that of a jet pack. It is found on the back of the armor.
  • Energy Beams: The armor enables the HYDRA soldiers to discharge purple-like energy beams from their gauntlets.
  • Durability: The armor was built to provide the soldiers with additional protection, allowing them to withstand stronger attacks. However, during the attack against the HYDRA Research Base, the attacks from Iron Man were able to easily take down the soldiers.


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