"The Chinatown guys have a warehouse not far from here."
Robbie Reyes[src]

The Chinatown Crew Hideout was a warehouse located in Los Angeles and used by the Chinatown Crew.


The warehouse was one of the facilities used by the Chinatown Crew in Los Angeles. While several members of the crew were present, the building was attacked by Alphonso Mackenzie possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. Mackenzie perpetrated a rampage throughout the hideout, killing many Chinatown Crew members, including Zhi. He was later joined by Daisy Johnson, who stormed the facility as well and took down more criminals.

Johnson found Mackenzie in the warehouse as he was being confronted by Robbie Reyes, who she could not see due to Reyes being trapped in an interdimensional state where only the Spirit of Vengeance could speak with him. Eventually, Reyes was able to convince the Spirit of Vengeance to use him as a host again, and both of them disappeared. Remaining with Mackenzie, Johnson asked him what had happened before they left the warehouse.[1]


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