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"The Chikara Dojo is dedicated to realizing the potential of each and every student who walks through its doors. While it may be located in the heart of Chinatown, Chikara nevertheless guarantees the very finest education in the Japanese art of Kenjutsu that New York City has to offer. Students of all ages are welcome, and our dedicated trainers will work tirelessly to make sure you get the most out of each and every session."
―Official Website[src]

The Chikara Dojo was a martial-arts school in New York City owned by Danny Rand and managed by Colleen Wing, who also acted as the main sensei of the dojo. Following the War for New York, the dojo was closed, although Rand and Wing continued to live at the dojo.


Running a Business

"I am trying to provide a safe place for people. Half the kids out there get beaten on a regular basis by family or bullies. This is the one place where they don't have to worry about that, until now."
Colleen Wing[src]

When Colleen Wing finished her training under her sensei, Bakuto, she was granted the dojo by him to start teaching youths in order to grant them a scholarship. In reality, the dojo functioned as a recruiting hub for the Hand. The students who succeeded in getting a scholarship was sent to Hand Compound to continue their training and getting further indoctrinated into the Hand.[4]

Wing, being a member of the Hand but unaware of their true nature, continued to teach youths and grant them a scholarship, believing that it will give them better lives outside the streets of New York City.[5]

Lack of Finance

Colleen Wing trains her students in Chikara Dojo

"I'm staying at the Chikara."
"Is that in Brooklyn? The new place with the glass floor?"
"No, it's a... it's a dojo. Has plastic mats."
Danny Rand and Jeri Hogarth[src]

The dojo suffered financially due to the lack of students and Wing struggled to keep the place running. She kept putting up flyers to attract more students to her dojo, which Claire Temple found and enrolled herself into. Wing eventually got the attention of Danny Rand, when she was out putting up flyers.[6]

The dojo served as an unofficial home and base for Rand during his fight against the Hand. Rand brought the building to convince Wing to join him in his fight. The dojo had been attacked by Madame Gao's men and by the DEA.[7][8]

Wing's Discovery

When Wing learned about Bakuto's and the Hand's true nature, she stopped training youths to be sent to the Hand, however she still continues to live and practice inside the dojo, as well as training her friend, Temple. The dojo was temporally abandoned when Wing joined Rand on his travel back to K'un-Lun.[9]

Operating as Shelter

"I love your place. It's so eclectic and full of life. I saw a sign outside, "Chikara Dojo." So, was this a karate school?"
"It was. Now it's just home."
Mary Walker and Colleen Wing[src]

Wing and Rand returned to the dojo, after spending months away hunting the Hand across the world. The dojo was unharmed by the earthquake that ravaged over New York. The dojo continues to serve as a home for Wing and Rand.[10]


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  • "Chikara" (力) is the Japanese word for power, capability, and influence.


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