"Is your name Wilfredo Diaz? 'Cause he walked out on me and moms when I was nine. I ain't need a daddy then and I don't need one now."
―Chico Diaz to Luke Cage[src]

Wilfredo "Chico" Diaz, Jr. was a young man from Harlem who had worked inside Pop's Barber Shop. Seeking to better himself, Diaz made a plan with some friends of rob the Stokes Crime Family. However, the plan went wrong and Diaz soon found himself to be the only survivor and a target of Cottonmouth, leading to Luke Cage coming to his aid for Pop's benefit. Although Diaz tried to hand himself in and make peace, Pop was murdered by Tone, and Diaz then tried to tell his story to Rafael Scarfe, who then assassinated him.


Early Life

Being abandoned by his father at a young age, Chico eventually got a job at Pop's Barber Shop as a barber, where he even got to cut Shades' hair for him.

Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard

Chico accidentally bumps into Luke Cage when he was bringing a handgun for the attack, Chico then left. Later, when Cottonmouth and Domingo Colon's men were making an arms deal, Chico, Shameek Smith and Dante Chapman held the henchmen at gunpoint and killed them all. Chico horrified threw up after seeing the dead bodies. Dante starts to panic, realizing that Cottonmouth would figure out that he was one of the robbers die to him calling in sick that day. Shameek, fearful that Dante would rat him and Chico out shoots Dante in the chest. Shameek tells Chico to take the money and leave Dante to die Chico at first hesitates but eventually does leave with Shameek with the money and they split it two ways. However unknowingly to Chico and Shameek, Dante had enough time before dying to call Tone and inform him who the robbers were.[1]

Reunion with Pop

Chico, the only survivor after Shameek was murdered by Cottonmouth. Cottonmouth along with Shades and Tone went to Pop's so Cottonmoth could get a haircut and find Chico. Pop discovers that Cottonmouth had killed Shameek and told Luke to save Chico telling Luke that "It's not too late for Chico". Luke hesitates to save Chico but Pop says that Luke owes him one. Now Luke and detectives Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe are all trying to find Chico and bring him to safety. Luke manages to find Diaz in an apartment and tell him that Shameek was killed. Chico doesn't care and threatens to shoot Luke however Luke calms him down and tells him to come back to Pop's or Cottonmouth would most likely find and kill him. Luke tells Pop that Chico decided not to come but Pop found Chico in the back. Misty and Rafael come to the barber shop and Pop orders Luke to hide Chico in the bathroom.[2]

Attack on Pop's Barber Shop

Luke goes to Harlem's Paradise and ignores his boss, Nate and negotiates with Cottonmouth to spare Chico in exchange for Chico never returning to New York on Pop's word. Cottonmouth considers this deal and says that he would meet with Pop. However Tone shoots out that barber shop with the intention of killing Chico, the outcome is Tone injuring Chico and killing Pop, Chico plays dead and Tone steals the backpack containing Chico's half of the money. After the the attack Chico is rushed to the hospital.[2]


At the hospital Misty and Rafael attempt to ask Chico about his involvement with Dante's murder, Chico refused to talk and Misty encouraged Chico to call her. Later Chico met with Rafael to testify against Cottonmouth, after revealing that the identity of the person who was the source of Cottonmouth's problems Rafael attacked Chico and strangled him to death. Later Rafael bring Chico's corpse to Cottonmouth and Cottonmouth has Joel Spurlock dispose of Chico's corpse. Later Rafael gives Cottonmouth the information about Luke which cause Cottonmouth to attack Luke.[3]


"There's nothing in Chico's jacket to suggest he was capable of that type of violence. I don't think he has the stomach for it."
"There was vomit found at the junkyard. Inside it were fibers consistent with that of a winter mask. One of the robbers didn't have the heart to go through with it. My guess, it was baby face Chico."
Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe[src]

Chico was a man that seemed to prefer negotiation over violence and seems to be disgusted by violence when he, Shameek and Dante shoot up the place Chico ends up throwing up because he didn't have the stomach. He also has a hatred for his dad because his father left Chico and his mother when Chico was 9.


"There was this little Puerto Rican kid, I can't remember his name. It's like, um, Rico.... or, uh, Chico. Yeah, Chico. He used to shape me up back in the day. He was real good, too."
Shades to Luke Cage[src]



  • Handgun: Chico Diaz wielded the handgun during an ambush at a junkyard together with Shameek Smith and Dante Chapman in order to hijack a weapons sale between Domingo Colon and Cornell Stokes, in order to seize the money. As one of the gang members tried to reach for his gun, Smith and Chapman started to shoot at Stokes' and Colon's men, killing them all, though Diaz did not shot. Diaz then pulled the gun on Luke Cage when he found him, thinking he wanted his money until he was convinced that Cage acted on Pop's behalf to help him.






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