"We are coming to you live from the kickoff at the Stark Expo, where Tony Stark has just walked offstage."
―Chess Roberts[src]

Chess Roberts is a news reporter for WHiH World News.


Chess Roberts was present at the opening of the Stark Expo. After Tony Stark made his opening speech and exited the stage, she did a live report on the Expo. She reminded her viewers that the Expo will take place all year round and she would continue to give reports on the different exhibits.[1]




  • In the comics, Chess Roberts is a news reporter for CBNC.

Behind the Scenes

  • Olivia Munn originally filmed a cameo in which she portrayed a woman who has a sexual encounter with Tony Stark. The scene was later cut and Munn was offered another cameo by Jon Favreau. Munn requested that she portray a character from the comics, hence she was cast as Chess Roberts.[2]



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