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"No, you don't. You're willing to die for what you believe in. Die for your friends. That's what happens when you go out there. We've all had to live without Gert Yorkes. It's not a life worth living. If we can change the world for the better, we should. You taught me that. So please, I am begging you, just stay here."
Chase Stein to Gert Yorkes

Cheat The Gallows is the tenth and final episode of the third season of the television series Runaways, as well as the series finale.


Two years after defeating Morgan, visitors from the future send the Runaways back through time to prevent their own murders and even save a friend thought lost forever.



A future version of Chase Stein, still grieving over the death of Gert Yorkes at the hands of Morgan le Fay, has designed a time machine to try and save her. He returns into the past were three years have passed since the Battle at the Hostel. Karolina Dean is a student at UCLA and in a relationship with Julie; Molly Hernandez is the head of Atlas Academy's dance squad and still lives in the Hostel with Chase Stein, who isolated himself working on his time machine, with help from Alex Wilder, who is at the head of a foundation, Wilder Innovators.

Nico Minoru, who left her friends to learn how to develop her powers with a new master, has recently returned to Los Angeles, and is visited by another version of Wilder, who attempts to murder her. Minoru receives help from the future version of Stein, who explains that this version of Wilder also comes from the future and means to kill all the Runaways. Once Wilder flees, the Runaways gather at the Hostel, minus the current version of Stein, as the two versions must avoid interacting. They decide to go after the future Wilder, and arrive in time to stop him from hurting Julie.

Although briefly incapacitated, the future Wilder is able to make another time jump, going to the day before the Runaways discovered the truth about PRIDE. The future Stein provides the Runaways with their own time machines, and they all follow the future Wilder, arriving at the past Atlas Academy. The Runaways stealthily watch over their past counterparts, also Stein cannot help but going to talk with the past version of Yorkes. Due to the situation being incredibly complicated with the future Wilder taking a student hostage, Minoru uses a powerful spell to capture him and wipe out the memories of all witnesses.

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The Runaways interrogate the future Wilder, but struggle about what to do with him and the current Wilder, as the future Wilder tries to sow the seeds of disagreements between them. For safety, the current Wilder is sent back into his time. The future Stein is ready to ask the same of the other Runaways, but as he explains that his true purpose is returning to the time of the battle with Morgan and save Yorkes, the Runaways decide to join and help him. However, the future Wilder explains that by changing the timeline to such an extent, their current counterparts will disappear. Nevertheless, they all time jump again, taking the future Wilder with them.

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Stein explains his plan: he will take Yorkes' place as the one who forms and closes the circle of salt. Taking advantage of the Runaways' distraction, the future Wilder is able to slip away from them. Before le Fay's arrival, Minoru talks with her past counterpart, convincing her that she does not need to choose between her love for Karolina Dean and her powers, before disappearing and erasing the memories of the encounter, leaving her message at a subconscious level. Later, Stein is able to reclaim the magical salt and confronts le Fay in Yorkes' place. However, Yorkes comes all the same. Although she is wounded, Stein's plan works: it is he who is mortally hit by le Fay but closes the circle before Tina Minoru banishes her back to the Dark Dimension.

The past counterparts of the Runaways cry over the future Stein, before the past one, who had been knocked out unconscious by his future self, appears. Since the plan worked and Yorkes was saved, the life of the Runaways is profoundly changed, and the time-travelling Runaways are progressively erased, promising that they will never give up on each other. In the next day, the Runaways, now all alive, decide to go outside to celebrate their victory. Before they leave, however, Alex Wilder finds a note left by his dark counterpart, instructing to kill Minoru and hide someone named Victor Mancha. Although bewildered, he joins his friends like nothing happened.


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Forever George Simms & Simon Astall
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  • 2017 - The group chases after Future Alex Wilder, who ends up on a school bus headed on a field trip.
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