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"Nothing will shock us here. We're all the same."
"I doubt that."
"Does your anger alienate the people around you? Has it affected your work? Filled you with shame? Afraid you're not in control of your life?"
―Chaz and Jessica Jones[src]

Chaz led an anger management group that Jessica Jones attended.


"Could you sign my court card?"
"At the end of the hour."
"It hasn't been an hour yet?"
"Try it, Jessica. A benign external action to soothe internal strife."
Jessica Jones and Chaz[src]
Chaz led the anger management group that Jessica Jones was ordered to attend by the court as part of her assault charge against Pryce Cheng. While leading the group, he also confessed to regularly beating his wife for fifteen years.[1]


"As I was saying, anything could set me off. Her voice. Her blouse. My blood would boil. Things got blurry, but not blurry enough to keep me from punching her over and over. I beat my wife for 15 years. Until she tried to kill herself. That's when I finally reached out for help. I reached out every day of my life."
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