Chattanooga is a city in the state of Tennessee.


Hacking A.I.M.'s Servers

Tony Stark left Rose Hill and arrived to Chattanooga following a confrontation against Eric Savin and Ellen Brandt. On route, Stark checked a file about Chad Davis, victim of an explosion similar to the ones seemingly perpetrated by the Mandarin. Remembering that Happy Hogan was following a member of A.I.M. when he was caught in an explosion in Los Angeles, Stark realized there was a connection between the Mandarin and A.I.M.

Stark called James Rhodes to confirm that A.I.M. was responsible for his rebrand as Iron Patriot, asking why Rhodes didn't look for him following his disappearance. Stark asked Rhodes' login to access A.I.M. servers, mocking that Rhodes preferred his War Machine codename despite publicly affirming that Iron Patriot was better.

Stark stopped at a beauty pageant in Chattanooga, where many candidates were trying to obtain the title of Miss Chattanooga, and sneaked into a WZPZ van. Stark was caught by the cameraman, Gary, who turned to be a great fan having changed his aspect based on Stark's, and even had Stark's face tattooed on his arm.

Stark asked Gary to recalibrate the antenna in his van in order to access A.I.M.'s encrypted files. In the files, Stark witnessed Aldrich Killian interviewing injured veterans from the United States Armed Forces, such as Chad Davis and Ellen Brandt, in order to select the candidates to the Extremis Program. He also witnessed the regenerating effects he saw on Brandt when she attacked him in Rose Hill, and how one of test subjects was unable to cope with the side-effects of Extremis and ended up exploding.

Stark now had the proof that all the terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Mandarin were in fact cover-ups for the malfunctions of Extremis, and believed him to be the buyer of Killian's Extremis research as a weapon.[1]

Moving On

Jennifer Fisher and her two sons moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee following the death of her husband, Daniel Fisher. Fisher was offered a large sum of money by the people behind Union Allied Construction, her husband's former corrupt employers, in exchange for signing an agreement to never talk about the corruption scandal and what happened after.

Fisher signed the agreement and took the money, as the only thing that mattered to her was the wellness of her two sons, and moved to Chattanooga in order to start a new life.[2]


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