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"You said... this thing looked like Coulson?"
"Talked like him, too."
"And the woman said there were more?"
"The word she used was 'infiltration'."
―"Keller" and Nick Fury[src]

The Chase of the Skrulls was a three-sided confrontation in Los Angeles that pitted Vers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and a group of Skrulls led by Talos against one another.


"Track the pod and find the girl. She knows more than she knows."

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"The train's heading for a tunnel up ahead!"
"Let's meet them at the station."
―"Phil Coulson" and Nick Fury[src]

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"Did you have a rough day, Agent Fury?"
"It's cool. You know, had a space invasion, big car chase, got to watch an alien autopsy... typical nine-to-five."
Vers and Nick Fury[src]

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