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"He's been connected to this online group called the Flag Smashers. Now, Redwing traced them to a building somewhere outside of Munich. So that's where I'm going."
Sam Wilson to Bucky Barnes[src]

The Chase of the Flag Smashers was a mission underwent by Falcon and Winter Soldier, in which they intervened against the Flag Smashers who were transporting stolen medical supplies. Despite the assistance from Captain America and Battlestar, the mission was failed, as the Flag Smashers defeated them and escaped.


"I have bigger things to deal with now."
"What could be bigger than this?"
"This guy. His connections with rebel organizations all over Eastern and Central Europe, and he's strong. Too strong."
Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes[src]

After the Avengers enacted the Blip and restored the Snap victims, the Global Repatriation Council was founded to restore the world's borders and relocate people after the Blip. However, GRC's actions were not approved by a significant portion of the population, including Karli Morgenthau who founded the Flag Smashers movement, intending to bring the society back to the post-Snap state. Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers stole the Super Soldier Serum variant created by Wilfred Nagel which granted them enhanced abilities.[1]

The Flag Smashers ran an operation to rob the Gasel Bank in Switzerland, using their civilian supporters as a distraction. However, the robbery was filmed by Joaquín Torres who was investigating the Flag Smashers and attempted to stop Dovich, only to be beaten by him. Torres later informed Sam Wilson about the Flag Smashers who made it his top priority to stop them.[2] Using the Redwing, Wilson managed to track the Flag Smashers to Munich, Germany and regrouped with Torres to bring them down.[1]


Falcon and Winter Soldier follow the Flag Smashers

"I see a clear path. I say we take it."
"We're not assassins."
"I'll see you inside. Or not."
Winter Soldier and Falcon[src]

Joined by the Winter Soldier, Falcon and Joaquín Torres arrived at Munich and found the abandoned warehouse that Redwing traced. Wilson then had the Redwing to survey the place and located several Flag Smashers loading heavy boxes into trucks, and he assumed that they were smuggling weapons. Barnes then suggested to take a direct approach and move forward to confront them but Wilson insisted on observing to find out where they were going. Wilson then scanned the trucks and found out that there was a person inside, before the Flag Smashers drove away, so Wilson and Barnes followed them.

Falcon attacks Karli Morgenthau

Barnes managed to get inside the truck, informing Wilson that the Flag Smashers were stealing medicine and vaccines before noticing Karli Morgenthau there. Assuming that she was a hostage, Barned tried to help her, only to be forcefully kicked out of the truck by her. Two other Flag Smasher restrained Barnes, so Wilson deployed the Redwing to open fire on them, but Morgenthau destroyed it. Wilson then joined the battle and confronted the Flag Smashers together with Barnes, however, they could not compete with super soldiers. Eventually, Captain America and Battlestar arrived at the scene and confronted the Flag Smashers as well, aiding Wilson and Barnes.

Captain America ann Falcon fight the Flag Smashers

After Barnes fell off the top of truck, Wilson saved him from falling by swooping in and grabbing him in the air. Meanwhile, one of the Flag Smashers restrained Hoskins, so Walker shot him with his pistol before continuing fighting the Flag Smashers. Hoskins then was kicked out of the track, so Walker threw his shield tpo save him. After getting back on top of the truck, Walker confronted Morgenthau, but she easily overpowered him and pushed him off the truck. Walker landed on a car and was left uninjured, however, he failed the mission, as the Flag Smashers successfully escaped.[1]


"We gotta figure out where the serum's coming from."
"Yeah. And how in the hell after eighty years are there eight super soldiers runnin' loose."
Winter Soldier and Falcon[src]

In the wake of the failed mission, Falcon and the Winter Soldier regrouped with Captain America and Battlestar who suggested that they should work together against the Flag Smashers. Wilson and Barnes refused to work with them and took it upon themselves to find the source of the Super Soldier Serum which turned the Flag Smashers into super soldiers. Barnes eventually deduced that the source might be Isaiah Bradley, a super soldier who was used a test subject by the United States Armed Forces, CIA and HYDRA. After meeting with Bradley, Wilson and Barnes made a hard decision to approach Helmut Zemo for assistance, since he possessed the information about HYDRA's secret operations.

Interpol warrant on Karli Morgenthau

Meanwhile, the Flag Smashers took refuge at the 1337 Connect where they discovered that both Interpol and the Power Broker were after them. Just as they were loading the stolen medicine onto the plane in Bratislava, they were tracked down by the Power Broker who sent a SWAT unit to take them down. Matias ultimately decided to stay behind to buy some time for Karli Morgenthau and others to escape.[1]