"One batch, two batch. Penny and dime."

The Chase of the Dogs of Hell was an attempt by the Punisher to kill the last surviving members of the Dogs of Hell.


In 2015, United States Marine Corps member Frank Castle returned to the United States following a deployment to the Middle East. Despite being overjoyed at seeing his wife and children again, Castle realized that he was weary from the time he spent away from home.[1]

At the same time, District Attorney Samantha Reyes learned that the Blacksmith, an individual who was gradually taking over New York's drug trade, had arranged a meeting between the Dogs of Hell, the Kitchen Irish, and the Mexican Cartel at the Central Park.[2]

Eager to apprehend him, Reyes arranged for a sting operation to take place on the day the meeting was set to take place but decided against clearing the area of civilians out of fear of showing her hand.[2]

On the day of the meeting, Castle took his family to the carousel while the three gangs waited for the Blacksmith to arrive. When the Blacksmith failed to appear and the restless gangs discovered an undercover NYPD officer was among them, a firefight ensued and resulted in the deaths of Castle's family.[1]

Castle, meanwhile, survived a gunshot to the head and escaped from the hospital before setting out to exact vengeance against the gangs. His mission led to a series of escalating interactions with the masked vigilante Daredevil and to the discovery that his former mentor Ray Schoonover authorized his family's deaths.

Eventually, after assassinating Schoonover and helping Daredevil take down Hand agent Nobu Yoshioka, Castle left New York in order to embark on a quest to track down the remaining gang-members.[3]



Punisher runs over the Dogs of Hell members

Having tracked the last two members down, Castle obtained a van and chased them to rural Alabama, where he engaged in a firefight with his targets. He disabled their motorcycles with his shotgun, causing the bikers to fall off their motorcycles and onto the road.

Castle then proceeded to drive past his targets before turning the van around and running the bikers over, killing them instantly.[4]


Immediately following the bikers' deaths, Castle set out to take down the last surviving members of the Mexican Cartel and the Kitchen Irish.[4]


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