"The last time I doubted someone's powers, they ended up impaled by scaffolding."
Jessica Jones to Erik Gelden[src]

The Chase of Whizzer was an attempt by Jessica Jones to calm Whizzer.


"Someone's trying to kill me because I have powers. But they haven't caught up to me yet, thanks to my super speed."
Whizzer to Jessica Jones[src]

During the search for new clients, Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse came across Robert Coleman, who requested protection from someone out to kill him because of his superhuman speed. Initially rejected twice, he walked out of the office.[1]


"Jesus. You are fast."
Jessica Jones[src]

Whizzer repaid Alias Investigations another visit, dashing through the door towards Jones, whom tossed him to the ground. As he stood, he pulled a gun on Jones, proclaiming once more that someone was following him and attempting to kill him. With Jones trying to disable him with a chair, she witnessed as Whizzer ran around her apartment in a blur. Soon, he began throwing items at her, including a box of Phillip Jones' ashes, which burst into a spray to the ground and left Jones dazed.

2x01 Whizzer03

Whizzer is murdered by Alisa Jones

Jones came back to her senses, as Whizzer sprinted across the corner of the hallway. In an effort to catch him, she opened a window and leaped to the ground. With him standing at the base of the steps, Jones attempted to calm him and asked for more information on who was after him, questioning if it was IGH. Instead of answering, he continued to avoid Jones, choosing to travel in a different direction when the sidewalk was blocked. Despite her own limitations, Jones trailed behind him. The two were eventually stopped by a collapse of beams; as Whizzer took another glance at Jones, he was crushed by the debris atop him. Quickly, Jones lifted the rubble but found that she was too late. Traumatized and numb, she looked around and noticed Oscar Arocho and Vido Arocho across the street before leaving the scene.[1]


"Something happened behind these doors. We were made here. Me, Whizzer and something else. Whatever it is, the only way to find it is to open the door wider."
Jessica Jones[src]

After the collapse, Jessica Jones returned to her apartment, weeping in the darkness until the arrival of Malcolm Ducasse. While Ducasse began to scrape ashes from the floor, Jones eventually sought to Whizzer's belongings, searching for his pills before redirecting to her laptop. With aid from Ducasse, she found the location of the distributor to be at the abandoned Industrial Garments & Handling Facility.[1]


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