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"I want every bus stop, train station, dock, airport, every last trolley wallpapered with pictures of Peggy Carter. She is now a fugitive and will be brought to justice, or else every last one of you will be demoted to grade school hall monitor! Is that clear?"
Roger Dooley to his SSR agents[src]

The Chase of Peggy Carter was the Strategic Scientific Reserve's attempt to hunt down and arrest Peggy Carter after it was discovered she had been secretly working with Howard Stark and could have committed treason.


Peggy Carter and Howard Stark were close friends since World War II,[2] so he felt comfortable going to Carter to help him to find his missing inventions when they were stolen from his mansion and some appeared overseas in enemy countries of the United States of America. When Stark did not appear for his third day of Congressional hearing, the Strategic Scientific Reserve was asked to apprehend Stark, giving Carter a conflict of interest, since she was an agent. Carter chose to help her friend instead of turning him in.

While investigating Spider Raymond in La Martinique, Carter was photographed; Raymond was killed but Carter was the last one seen with him.[3]


Daniel Sousa

Daniel Sousa, though not lead investigator, used his detective skills to determine that the same woman was constantly involved in deaths surrounding the missing inventions; she was at the deaths of Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov and the capture of Sheldon McFee.[4] Agent Ray Krzeminski was killed by a woman when he was delivering Jerome Zandow to the New York Bell Company Office,[5] intensifying the suspicion. Sousa interviewed a tramp to learn that a woman boarded the ship The Heartbreak where the weapons were found;[6] he later noticed that Carter had the same scar on her shoulder as the photographed woman.[7] When Sousa interviewed McFee, he positively identified Carter from the picture. Sousa quickly told his boss, Chief Roger Dooley, about his investigation and that Carter was acting for both sides.

Dooley called Washington, D.C. to get back up agents he thought Carter had never met.[8]

Meanwhile, Dottie Underwood, a Leviathan operative working for Johann Fennhoff, pretended to be a simple girl new to New York City,[5] was tasked by fellow Leviathan operative Ivchenko to eliminate Peggy Carter, as she was hindering Johann Fennhoff's Campaign.[8]


"Peggy, don't run. If you run, then I know it's true."
"I'm sorry, Daniel."
Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter[src]
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"I'm impressed. You're good Carter; holy cow, you are good. I got a dozen guys in there who wish they could play the game half as well as you."
"I'm not playing a game, I never was!"
Roger Dooley and Peggy Carter[src]
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