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"I know you snitched me out to Luke Cage! Think I'm playing with you, bitch, huh? I will kill you!"
Cockroach Hamilton to Drea Powell[src]

The Chase of Cockroach Hamilton was Luke Cage's hunt for Cockroach Hamilton in order to gain information on Mariah Dillard for having connections to sell her guns to him and Nigel Garrison.


"If you find him, I hope you beat his ass. You have a blessed day."
Callahan to Luke Cage[src]
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"Bet you a man now, boy, huh? Want some of this?"
"I want some."
Cockroach Hamilton and Luke Cage[src]
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"Luke Cage was on some NatHeo shit. I thought I was getting mauled by a bear. I was so helpless. I tried to fight back, Lord knows I did, but he just kept hitting me again and again.."
"You were beating your girlfriend!"
"That's hearsay!"
Cockroach Hamilton and Luke Cage[src]
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