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"I'm kinda in the middle of a manhunt."
Phil Coulson to Raina[src]

The Chase of Carl Creel was an attempt to capture Carl Creel following his escape from the Government Storage Warehouse with the Obelisk.


"Creel has the damn thing that burned Hartley! You need to get him! Go!"
Lance Hunter to Melinda May[src]

Carl Creel kills Isabelle Hartley and Idaho

Isabelle Hartley grabbed the Obelisk intending to stop Carl Creel from taking it, but she was unable to remove it from her grasp. Lance Hunter and Idaho attempted to rush her to a medical center via S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV as it slowly killed her. Not wanting to have the Obelisk inflict further harm on her, Hartley ordered Hunter to cut her arm off.

Before being able to do so, Idaho saw Carl Creel, transforming into concrete, walk into the middle of the road. This caused the vehicle to strike him and flip, killing Hartley and Idaho. Hunter survived the crash and pretended to have died, as Creel, having sustained no injuries, took the Obelisk and left.[2] Hunter confirmed the deaths of Idaho and Hartley after they were both unresponsive.[4]


Melinda May pursues after Carl Creel

"You want us to catch Creel."
"You read my mind, Agent Coulson. Truth is, Mr. Creel stole something from me. Fortunately for the both of us, it has an embedded tracker."
Phil Coulson and Raina[src]

Melinda May started to pursue Carl Creel, as Lance Hunter briefed her on the situation, but was ordered by Phil Coulson to not attack him, and pursue him. May tracked Creel at a diner, where he inadvertently caused the death of a waitress.

Raina contacted Coulson, and informed him about Creel, given that she wanted to obtain the Obelisk for herself instead of letting HYDRA take it. Raina had offered Creel a ring the night before that had been implanted with a tracking device.

Creel met Sunil Bakshi at a local park in Washington, D.C., where Hunter, the sole survivor of the prior car accident, attacked Creel using a high caliber sniper rifle, to no avail. As Creel tried to kill Hunter, Coulson neutralized the threat of Creel using the Overkill Device. His body was given to General Glenn Talbot as a gesture of good intentions from S.H.I.E.L.D.[4]


"I felt bad for kidnapping you, so I brought you a peace offering. Carl Creel."
"I thought Creel was dead."
"He's turned to stone, but he could always do that, so I'm not sure how long it'll hold. I've got him in a Cryostasis Chamber in the back of the van for... 58 more minutes before the juice runs out. I'd get him someplace secure pretty quick. Maybe a little more secure than last time. Just saying."
Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot[src]

The remains of the petrified waitress were taken by HYDRA and studied. Samples were used to create a concoction that duplicated the effects of the Obelisk; this concoction was tested at a Naval wedding party[5], and later used as a weapon to kill the Baroness, one of HYDRA's own leaders.[6]

Raina holds the Obelisk

Raina took the Obelisk to Skye's Father, who had her touch the artifact and suffer no ill effects; the Words of Creation appeared as she did.

Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz began a lasting friendship in which Mackenzie would help to translate Fitz's thoughts so others could understand.[4]

Melinda May would get revenge on Lance Hunter by shooting him during the Battle on the Maribel del Mar.[7]