"Fare thee well, old friend."

Charlie-27 is a leader of Charlie-27 Ravager Clan and a member of Stakar Ogord's Team.


Ravager Captain

Yondu Udonta's Funeral

Charlie-27's Ravager Clan

Charlie-27 pays tribute to Yondu Udonta

Having been informed of Yondu Udonta's death while assisting the Guardians of the Galaxy with stopping the plans of Ego the Living Planet, Charlie-27 and the other Ravagers captains were present during Yondu Udonta's funeral, where their ships saluted the dead Ravager. As Udonta's body was burned and sent out into space before them, Charlie-27 and his crew bid farewell to his former friend and gave him a salute as a sign of respect for his sacrifice.[1]

Team Reunion

Afterwards, Stakar Ogord reunited the team and decided to go on adventures together.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Charlie-27 with his team

  • Jovian Physiology: Charlie-27 is a Jovian, a humanoid, sentient race that populates the galaxy. Their physical structure appears to be robust, muscular and about one and a half times larger than the average human beings.


  • Leader: As the captain of his own clan, Charlie-27 commanded dozens of Ravagers and spearheaded countless operations.
  • Thief: Charlie-27 is a highly-skilled thief.





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