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"I'm sorry for what I did, I've been sober since the accident. I'm just trying to make things right."
―Charles Wallace[src]

Charles Wallace is a bus driver in Hell's Kitchen. Wallace believed he was responsible for killing Reva Connors after crashing his bus while drunk and months later he was confronted by Connors' widower Luke Cage.


Drunk Driving Accident

While working as a bus driver in New York City, Wallace developed a drinking problem. One day, Wallace went to work drunk which resulted in him crashing his bus to avoid a man in the street and the bus seemingly struck Reva Connors and killed her. Mortified by his actions, Wallace gave up drinking; however, his company managed to cover up his involvement in the accident and he was allowed to continue working as a bus driver.[2]

Confronted by Luke Cage

"You're the husband?"
"And you're the asshole who killed my wife."
―Charles Wallace and Luke Cage[src]

Years later, Wallace was driving his bus when only one man remained. Having reached the end of the line, the man revealed himself to be Luke Cage, the widower of Reva Connors, who was seeking revenge for his wife's death. Wallace attempted to explain how he had sobered up since the accident, but Cage ignored his pleas and threw him through the bus' windshield.

As Wallace attempted to crawl away, Cage exited the bus and walked towards him, intending to beat Wallace to death. However, Jessica Jones appeared and attempted to hold the furious Cage back, pleading with him that killing Wallace would not bring back his wife, but Cage remained unstoppable. Jones ordered Wallace to run, which he did, before Jones revealed she was the one who had killed Connors, which finally made Cage stop and forget about Wallace, instead focusing his rage on Jones.[2]



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