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Charles Murphy is an alumnus at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, and a former member of the school's decathlon team.


High School Career

Decathlon Team

"What is the heaviest naturally-occurring element?"
"Hydrogen's the lightest. That's not the question. Okay."
Liz Toomes and Charles Murphy[src]

Charles Murphy was a member of the Midtown School of Science and Technology's Academic Decathlon Team. As such, he took part in practice before the Nationals, although he had a tendency to give unrelated answers to questions.[1]

Decathlon Nationals
"We're freakin' screwed!"
―Charles Murphy[src]

Murphy joined the rest of his team for the Academic Decathlon's nationals in Washington, D.C., expressing amazement at the hotel they were staying in. The night before the nationals, Murphy went to the hotel's swimming pool with the other students.

The day after, Murphy went to the nationals with his team. Despite Peter Parker's absence, they were victorious. As a reward, Roger Harrington took his students, including Murphy, to the Washington Monument. However, while they were in the elevator, a Chitauri Energy Core in Ned Leeds' backpack released an energy pulse, damaging the elevator. Although Murphy was convinced they would die, he and the other students were successfully rescued by Spider-Man.[1]

Continued Studies

"It was tight, like a Bon Jovi concert!"
―Charles Murphy[src]

Murphy safely returned to school, where he was interviewed by the Midtown News on what happened. Murphy displayed quite an enthusiasm while describing his experiences. After the homecoming dance, Murphy and the rest of the team were congratulated by Roger Harrington for their victory and applauded as Michelle Jones was appointed the new captain of the team, following Liz Toomes' departure.[1]

Field Trip

Alien Invasion

Murphy on the school bus

In 2018, while on a school bus on a field trip to MOMA, Murphy was suddenly warned by Ned Leeds about an alien warship, and he and his classmates looked out the window to see it.[2]


Murphy survived the Snap. By 2024, he had graduated from high school.[3]


  • Midtown School of Science and Technology: Murphy was a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology and was a member of the Academic Decathlon team. He attended practices for the team in the school auditorium.
  • Hotel: Murphy and the rest of the Academic Decathlon team stayed in a hotel in Washington, D.C., which he was impressed by. He spent the night in the pool with his friends.





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