"Listen, man, there's a reason I'm here and not Mount Sinai, okay? It ain't my bedside manner. I do flesh wounds. You know, fix up guys that took a shot to the arm, the leg you know, maybe need a few sutures after a fight gone bad."
―Charles to Billy Russo[src]

Doctor Charles is a clandestine physician who was forced by Billy Russo to surgically remove three bullets from his abdomen.


"You're gonna pull out those bullets, and you're gonna close me up. Do you understand me?"
"All right."
"All right. And I am not going under."
"I have to. No matter how much of a badass you think you are, you're gonna flinch, and I'm gonna take two inches off your liver."
Billy Russo and Charles[src]

Heavily wounded by Dinah Madani, Billy Russo managed to find Charles' clandestine clinic and forced him to remove bullets and patched him up, threatening him with a gun. Charles then took a bottle of whiskey, noting that he needs it because of his shaking hands. He then noted that Russo better to put his gun down and removed his bag. While Russo suffered from blood loss, Charles explained that patching wounds like that are not his profile and Russo better go to the hospital.

However, Russo said that he will be arrested as soon he would be spotted in any hospital and forced Charles to work. Still anxious, Charles managed to remove one of the bullets, however, Russo then lost his consciousness and Charles decided that he had nothing left to gain from checking whether it was still possible to save Russo. Charles then took a bag with Russo's money and left Russo in a dumpster.[1]





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