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"If you can't be merciful when you play god, what kind of god will you be when you ain't playing no more?"
―Chantelle Fusilier to Andre Deschaine[src]

Chantelle Fusilier was a Voodoo priestess and Evita Fusilier's aunt. She was the owner of Damballah Voodoo Tours & Shop. Chantelle was knowledgeable and always willing to help others, often assisting Evita and Tyrone Johnson. She was killed by Andre Deschaine after giving him information he could use to make himself more powerful.


Early Life

"Auntie's a Mambo. Part of that means marrying a Loa."
Evita Fusilier to Tandy Bowen[src]

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Meeting Tyrone Johnson

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Roxxon Threat

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Guiding the Youth

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Confrontation with D'Spayre

"This is just another step in my journey."
―Chantelle Fusilier to Andre Deschaine[src]

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Back from the Dead

"It's my time to dance with the ancestors. You'll see. But now it's your turn to take my place as Mambo."
―Chantelle Fusilier to Evita Fusilier[src]

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Powers and Abilities

"So what, you're touched?"
"We're all touched. I'm just self-aware enough to act on it."
Andre Deschaine and Chantelle Fusilier[src]
  • Voodoo: To be added
    • Divination: Fusilier is capable of see the connections between past events and predicting linked future outcomes using tarot cards.
    • Indirect Communication: Fusilier is able to communicate with others through shells and other ways, beyond death.
  • Darkforce Dimensional Travel: Being a mambo, Fusilier is capable of entering the Darkforce Dimension, by her husband Papa Legba. As such, when Andre Deschaine thought that he could manipulate her despair from the Darkforce Dimension, he was surprised when Fusilier simply met him there as well and seemed unimpressed by his powers, even being barely frightened when she understood that he would kill her.






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  • In an early episode promotion, Fusilier was credited as Auntie Clarisse.


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