"You're a bitch, you could have stopped that bus, you left him there to die in the street, like a goddamn dog."
"Stop it."
"You turn everything to shit."
―Chanise and Jessica Jones[src]

Chanise is a young girl living in New York City who was used by Kilgrave to deliver a message to Jessica Jones, informing her that he had decided Trish Walker was no longer his target.


After the latest episode of Trish Talk, Jessica Jones ventured the streets of New York City when Chanise approached her, asking if she was Jones. Enthralled by Kilgrave, she relayed the message that he liked and accepted Trish Walker's apology. Jones continued to question Chanise, asking about her age and why Kilgrave was after her; Chanise mentioned that he was angry that she left him to die and insulted Jones. When she tried to get the girl to disclose Kilgrave's location and grabbed her by the arm, Chanise wailed loudly until her mother found her and pulled her away from Jones.[1]



  • Mother




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