"The Blacksmith, where is he?!"
"Screw you."
"Go to hell!"
Punisher and Chaney[src]

Chaney was an assassin working for the Blacksmith. When he and Speed were sent to kill Frank Castle, they were both defeated and Chaney was tortured until he revealed the Blacksmith's location, at which point he was shot through the head.


Cafe Shootout

"I want a place!"
"Forty first street, the pier. I can take you..."
Punisher and Chaney[src]

Chaney and his partner Speed were sent by the Blacksmith to kill Frank Castle. The two assassins found Castle at a diner with Karen Page whom he was talking to. The two drove around the diner, preparing to engage him. Before they stopped and initiated their mission, Castle warned the woman to hide in the kitchen and inform the staff to do the same, to prevent Chaney and Speed from harming them. As Chaney and Speed entered the diner, drawing their guns, Castle charged them.

Chaney attempted to shoot him, but Castle directed the shots, and used his own pistol to shoot Chaney in the stomach twice, gravely injuring him and incapacitating him. Speed engaged Castle, but proved to be no match for Castle, who dispatched him by stabbing him multiple times in the stomach. As Chaney lay on the ground bleeding, he attempted to crawl over to grab his gun, but was stopped when Castle stepped on his hand and took the gun.

Castle proceeded to interrogate him on the whereabouts of the Blacksmith, but Chaney defiantly refused. To coerce him, Castle shot Speed in the head, killing him. Asking again, Chaney continued to defy him, telling him to go to Hell. Angered and losing patience, Castle resorted to torturing him, repeatedly beating Chaney in the face with the butt of his pistol. Leaving a laceration on his face and bloodied, Chaney finally cracked, and told Castle the location. He offered to take Castle, but was instead shot in the head, killing him.


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