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"I would not expect a creature of your limited capacity to understand. Soon, the true champion of HYDRA shall be summoned from beyond the stars."
Red Skull[src]

The Champion of HYDRA was an octopus-like creature that emerged from a portal created by the Tesseract during the Attack on Castle de Krake.


Summoned by HYDRA

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The creature was discovered by Johann Schmidt who after separating HYDRA from the Third Reich proclaimed it as HYDRA's Champion and planned on using it to control, and if so destroy the world. Schmidt latter used the Tesseract from HYDRA Stomper to summon the Champion. Just as Captain Carter, Howard Stark, Howling Commandos, and Steve Rogers confronted Schmidt, he used the Tesseract to bring the Champion to his castle. As Red Skull praised HYDRA's Champion, it turned on Schmidt crushing him to death with its tentacles to the horror of everyone. As the Champion tried to climb out of the portal Captain Carter kept slicing it with a sword she found, while HYDRA Stomper and Howling Commandos shot at it, and Stark tried to close the portal on it.

However, the Champion was keeping the portal open managed to get its mouth through and briefly paralyzed the Commandos, causing Rogers to get them out. Carter realized she had to force it back in order for the portal to close at the cost of her being stuck with it. So Carter used her shield to force the Champion into the portal with her, allowing Stark to close the portal while Carter finished killing the Champion in its home. Due to the nature of the Champion's home, by the time Carter killed the Champion and opened the Tesseract again, it was the 21st century with parts of the Champion's corpse lying at Nick Fury's and Clint Barton's feet.[1]




  • The Champion of HYDRA bears some resemblance to Hive, another octopus-like being that HYDRA brought to Earth through a portal.
  • The Champion of HYDRA also bears some resemblance to Shuma-Gorath, a multi-tentacled and Multiversal being whose size can change in relation to his power.


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