"Bury it deep. Somewhere no one will ever find it."
Bor to Einherjar[src]

The Chamber[1] was the original containment unit for the Reality Stone, known as the Aether.


Containment Unit

Holding the Reality Stone


Malekith attempting to use the Aether's power

The large structure that contained the Aether, the Chamber was used by the Dark Elves to contain the power of the Aether. During the Convergence, Malekith attempted to consume the Aether to plunge the Nine Realms into darkness. However, the Asgardians intervened and invaded their home planet, Svartalfheim. Eventually, the Dark Elves were defeated and the Chamber was taken by the Asgardians along with the Aether, and it was King Bor who ordered the ancient weapon to be hidden somewhere it would not be discovered.

Thousands of years later, however, the Convergence began once again, and Jane Foster, a scientist who along with Ian Boothby and Darcy Lewis, was investigating scientific anomalies at a warehouse in London, was swallowed into a portal, which sent her to another planet, from which the Chamber was hidden with the Aether inside. As Foster explored the cave, she discovered the Chamber containing the Aether. When she attempted to touch it, the force emerged and infested her body, and the Chamber closed.[2]



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