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The Chadwick Residence is the Los Angeles home of Calvin Chadwick and Whitney Frost.


Shocking Discovery

Whitney Frost is infected by Darkforce

Returning home after the explosion at Isodyne Energy Headquarters, Whitney Frost locked herself in her wardrobe. As she recovered from shock, Frost examined her face in her mirror and discovered that the Zero Matter had embedded itself in a small cut on her forehead. Meanwhile Calvin Chadwick banged on her door to inform her of the explosion, unaware of Frost's involvement in it.[1]

Correcting Mistakes

After escaping Agents Cater and Sousa, Rufus Hunt made his way to the Chadwick Residence. His frantic knocking was answered by Frost whi he informed that he needed a drink as he quickly made his way through the front door. In the living room, Hunt sat on the couch as Frost handed him his drink as Calvin entered the room. After explaing Carter had kidnapped him and forced him to reveal information relating to the Council of Nine, Chadwick berated Hunt for his failuar while his wife descrietly turned and closed the curtains of the room.[2]


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