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"I've already set up the shell company in the Caymans."
Piranha Jones[src]

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea, in North America.


Search for Phil Coulson

"S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been watching you for quite some time, Mr. Rathman. You're a prime exploit – the gambling, the divorces, that money pit in the Caymans. You're even behind on your child support payments."
Skye to Lloyd Rathman[src]

The Cayman Islands are a major world offshore financial center, and a popular tax haven. Lloyd Rathman created a series of offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands for his clients using his company.

Skye tried to locate Phil Coulson after he was kidnapped, accessing Vanchat's financials to track the Centipede Project's accounts, using Rathman's offshore accounts as a door.[1]

Unhappy Banker

Jerome Deschamps left his old job in Miami, Florida and together with his wife he moved to the Cayman Islands for work. His wife eventually left him because she missed living in Miami. In the Cayman Islands Deschamps became the head of security for a bank. Here he had Werner von Strucker as a client. Eventually, Deschamps became unhappy with his work there, feeling that he was not being paid worthwhile, and sought other opportunities.[2]

Unruly Clients

Melinda May and Bobbi Morse traveled to the Cayman Islands, using false identities, to try to get access to Werner von Strucker's safety deposit box. At the bank May and Morse gained private access to the vault and to Von Struckers box. When an alarm went off Morse tried to use Jerome Deschamps background in order to avoid a conflict. One of the other guards working at the bank started to reach for his weapon May started a fight as she and Morse tried to escape the vault in order to leave the Cayman Islands.[2]


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