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"It's inevitable, Alex. You simply followed the example I set. But I am breaking that cycle right now. Taking responsibility for what I did. Accepting this punishment. My hope is, in time, we can fix what's left of our family."
―Catherine Wilder to Alex Wilder[src]

Catherine Wilder (née Henderson) was a successful lawyer and a member of PRIDE. She was the wife of Geoffrey Wilder and the mother of Alex Wilder. Like the other members of PRIDE, she took part in the ritualistic sacrifices meant to revive Jonah, expressing less discomfort about it than her husband did. Upon discovering that Molly Hernandez might have witnessed such a sacrifice, she tried to confirm her suspicions, although Hernandez at first managed to convince Catherine that she did not know anything. Catherine plotted with Geoffrey and Hernandez's adoptive parents Dale and Stacey Yorkes to send her away to Montebello, but this was ultimately discovered by Jonah. When her son Alex went missing after a confrontation between PRIDE and the Runaways, and facing Jonah's contempt towards them, Catherine decided to leave PRIDE and to find her son with the only help of Geoffrey.

Despite this decision, Catherine and her husband soon rejoined PRIDE to collaborate in the search for the Runaways. In an attempt to clear their name, Catherine framed Darius Davis for the assassination of Destiny Gonzalez and murdered him, hoping that the teenagers would come home if they were no longer wanted by the LAPD. However, Catherine was arrested with her husband after Alex framed her and Geoffrey for an unsolved crime. In an attempt to make up for her mistakes, Catherine admitted that she had murdered Davis and was sent to prison, where she was murdered by fellow inmates instructed by Davis' wife Tamar.


Early Life

Joining PRIDE

Catherine Henderson was the legal counselor of Geoffrey Wilder, the head of the Crips gang who had been imprisoned in the Los Angeles Penitentiary for the murder of Osiris. During one of her visits, Henderson discovered that Wilder had been approached by Jonah, who offered to buy land from Wilder. Wilder refused to simply sell the land, but wanted a real partnership with Jonah, which the latter refused as a collaboration with an inmate would be too problematic. Therefore, Henderson suggested that Wilder could be released within a month: she told Wilder to convince his friend and fellow inmate Darius Davis to take responsibility for his crime.[2]

Thanks to Henderson, Wilder was effectively released from prison. Henderson married him and took the name of Catherine Wilder. Later, both Catherine and Geoffrey were recruited into PRIDE by Jonah. Jonah offered them a land located in Brentwood, an upper part of Los Angeles, showing them a secret basement on which the Wilders built the luxurious Wilder Mansion.[5]

Rite of Blood

First Sacrifices

"We're burning those red robes the moment we get home. I am done. You think I believe that suicide story for one damn minute? I've seen too many staged crime scenes."
―Catherine Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Along with the rest of PRIDE, Catherine took part in the rituals which were meant to restore Jonah. However, when she and the others gathered for the first time for the sacrifice of Brooks Watten, Catherine did not know what would happen. It was only after Watten was converted into pure energy that she understood what Jonah demanded. Catherine remained mostly silent as the others discussed the consequences of their actions and Geoffrey Wilder discovered a camera, meaning that they had to carry on the rituals to avoid the release of the footage.[5]

As a lawyer, Catherine established Alice's and Gene Hernandez's will.[6] She attended the Hernandezes' funeral with the rest of PRIDE and discussed with Janet Stein what future awaited Molly Hernandez.[7]

Catherine attended the funeral of Amy Minoru after she apparently committed suicide, and expressed understanding towards her son Alex who had chosen not to come. As she walked away from the ceremony, Catherine firmly voiced to her husband Geoffrey her conviction that Minoru had been killed by Jonah, which actually was the truth. Fearing that Jonah might hurt Alex one day, Catherine expressed her wish to leave PRIDE, but her husband talked her out of it.

Catherine then left the building and noticed that Alex was there. She went to talk with him, discussing his reasons for not attending the memorial, and as he blamed himself for not having seen that Minoru was suffering enough to commit suicide, Catherine comforted her son, assuring him that his best friend's death was not his fault. She then hugged him in comfort as he burst into tears.[4]

Destiny Gonzalez's Sacrifice

"Being down there with Darius, it made me realize how far I've come from my old life in so many ways."
"That's a good thing."
"But what we did tonight... The zip code may have changed, and, yeah, I traded my old crew for some rich white folk... Killing is still killing."
"Come on, now, Geoffrey. We can't think of it that way."
Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

Catherine became worried by the fact that her son Alex grew more and more introverted since the death of his friend Amy Minoru. Despite Alex claiming that he was perfectly fine on his own, Catherine agreed with her husband Geoffrey who pressured Alex in inviting his former friends to the Wilder Mansion. She then received a phone call, prompting her to leave her husband and son in the kitchen to answer it.[1] Once Alex left for school, Catherine and Geoffrey discussed about how he had been affected by Minoru's death, although Geoffrey reassured Catherine and told her that Alex would overcome his grief, just like she had helped him overcome his criminal past.[8]

Catherine and Geoffrey then went into the basement of the mansion to prepare for the upcoming PRIDE meeting. On their way, Catherine was called by Alex, who told her that he would try and invite his former friends over, which Catherine approved. As she hung up, Catherine reassured Geoffrey regarding the fact of perpetrating the Rite of Blood with the teenagers inside the mansion, claiming that they were of no risk.[1] As they set up the ritual room, Geoffrey received a phone call and informed Catherine that Darius Davis had taken over the PRIDE Construction Site, prompting Catherine to tell her husband to resolve the issue in order to keep the construction on its feet before PRIDE were informed of this interference.[8]

Later that day, Catherine took part in the PRIDE meeting with the other members and expressed her continued bewilderment at the idea of Dale and Stacey Yorkes being a part of it. She then saw her son Alex returning home without his friends.[1] As the meeting went on, Catherine read the file on Destiny Gonzalez provided by Leslie Dean and was surprised when Geoffrey expressed discomfort at the idea of sacrificing her. Still, the sacrifice was kept on schedule and Catherine went into the basement with the other members of PRIDE, wearing her traditional red robe.

The Wilder parents go to investigate

Catherine kept her role beside the Abstract while Dean left to bring Gonzalez to them. She helped the other members of PRIDE to strip Gonzalez naked to prepare her for the sacrifice. As Gonzalez was put into the Dematerialization Box and struggled to get out of fear of what was happening, Catherine told Victor Stein to close the Box and initiate the sacrifice. However, once it was over, they saw a flash of light. Fearing that they might have been seen, Catherine and Geoffrey put back their normal clothes and went to the guesthouse, where they saw Alex and his friends playing together.

Catherine and Geoffrey returned to the sacrifice room and explained that the teenagers were there, although their presence was probably unrelated to the flash and the ensuing power cut in the mansion. Catherine then joined everyone else in the mansion's hall, discussing with Molly Hernandez. She then watched as everyone left the mansion and expressed her satisfaction at the idea that Alex had reconnected with his friends. Later, Catherine found Geoffrey in his office, who was still shaken by the recent sacrifice and Davis' return in his life, but Catherine managed to comfort him.[8]

Molly Hernandez's Risk

"If she was fooling around in my study, she could've found the stairs. Or maybe she never went near 'em. We got no way of being sure."
"That's not true, and you know it."
Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

Catherine was told by Geoffrey Wilder that he had found Molly Hernandez's hairpin in his study, making them suspect that Hernandez could have discovered the secret stairs and witnessed the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez. This prompted Catherine to consider using the Synnergy Serum on Hernandez to wipe out her memories, although Geoffrey advised her against it, reminding how the serum had affected Frank Dean. However, Catherine tried to reassure her husband, promising that she would first subtly interrogate Hernandez to determine whether she had actually seen anything.

Catherine went to the Timely Coffee and found Hernandez sitting alone, listening to music. She tried to ask Hernandez why she was in the study, but Hernandez told her that she had to go to the bathroom. Catherine followed her shortly after, only to discover that Hernandez had actually escaped from the café. She called Geoffrey to inform him of the situation and found Hernandez seconds later, who had fallen asleep due to having used her superhuman strength to leave the bathroom through the window.

Catherine took Hernandez to her car and waited for the girl to wake up. She then asked her whether everything was fine and Hernandez admitted that she had gone into Geoffrey's study the night before. Catherine slowly grabbed her hidden syringe of Synnergy Serum, but Hernandez then explained that she had been sent by her friends in order to find some alcohol for the party. Catherine chose to believe her and reassured Hernandez as she began complaining about how others pitied her and how she felt she was a burden for her new family. Catherine promised that whenever Hernandez would be ready, she would tell her about her biological parents Gene and Alice.[7]

New Sacrifice

Wilder attends a PRIDE meeting

"You mentioned he'd been shot. I was just wondering what happened."
"I'm sorry. This isn't one of your grass-fed, free-range sacrifices, but whatever Geoffrey did, just be glad he did it."
Leslie Dean and Catherine Wilder[src]

Catherine joined an emergency PRIDE meeting in the Wilder Mansion which was held after they discovered that the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez had failed and that the girl's body had been discovered on the beach. During the meeting, she questioned Victor Stein's reliability since he was the one who had failed his task. PRIDE then decided to kidnap another person to be sacrificed in Gonzalez's place.[9]

Later that day, Catherine went to tell her husband Geoffrey that the dinner was ready and found him seemingly troubled by a phone call. She asked him what it was about, but Geoffrey simply answered that it was a mistake and that he had to go out for a time, leaving Catherine unaware about the fact that their son Alex had actually been kidnapped by the Crips.

Wilder takes part to Andre Compton's sacrifice

Catherine remained in the Wilder Mansion, waiting for her husband and son to come home. She was called by Geoffrey and asked him whether he knew where Alex was, to which Geoffrey replied that their son was fine. Catherine was then informed that Geoffrey had captured Andre Compton, a member of the Crips, to be sacrificed, but that they had to hurry as he was heavily wounded. Therefore, Catherine summoned a PRIDE meeting, and they gathered at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office to perform the sacrifice.

During the ceremony, Leslie Dean asked Catherine about Compton's wounds, but Catherine simply replied that she should have been glad that they had brought someone. The Wilders then returned to their home, and Catherine overheard Geoffrey and Alex arguing about what had happened during the latter's kidnapping. Catherine arrived as Alex left his bedroom, and Geoffrey apologized to her for having kept her in the dark. Catherine told her husband that they could not afford to keep secrets between them and that they had to be ready for the next time Darius Davis would come across them.[2]

Protecting Molly Hernandez

Wilder at the PRIDE gala with the other members of PRIDE

"Back in the day, I prepared the Hernandezes' will. This morning, I remembered something from it."
―Catherine Wilder to Dale and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Catherine went to the PRIDE gala in the Wizard Headquarters where she joined the other members of PRIDE to celebrate their so-called project of building a new community school in Los Angeles. During the party, she received text messages from Molly Hernandez insisting to know about her parents and indicating that time was running out, something Catherine was troubled by. When her husband Geoffrey noticed her trouble, Catherine assured him that she was fine, although she thought that their son Alex was avoiding them.

Wilder discusses with Molly Hernandez

Catherine then listened to Tina Minoru's speech and was shocked when Victor Stein took her microphone and publicly revealed the ongoing affair between Janet Stein and Robert Minoru before fainting. While the other members of PRIDE looked after Victor and the party approached its end, Catherine met with Hernandez and inquired about the urgency of knowing about her parents. During the conversation, Hernandez inadvertently revealed that she had witnessed the sacrifice, but before Catherine could react, Stacey Yorkes arrived and took Hernandez away. As Geoffrey approached her, Catherine told him that Hernandez knew about the rituals.[5]

Fearing that their son Alex could also know about the sacrifices, Catherine searched through his room while he was under the shower, but without finding anything. She was joined by Geoffrey, who told her that Alex had a crush for Nico Minoru. When Alex got out of the bathroom, Catherine told him that they would prepare for the Atlas Academy open house and offered to discuss anything before the events, but Alex replied that he had nothing in mind. Catherine then noticed that a process was running on Alex's laptop, but before she could check it out, Alex took his laptop and left the house.

Remaining with Geoffrey, Catherine resolved to find clear evidence that Alex knew about PRIDE's secrets before moving forward. They then discussed about Hernandez and how they should deal with the matter, which involved informing her adoptive parents, Stacey and Dale Yorkes. They tried to meet them at the Yorkes Residence, but Stacey refused to open the door, pretending that they were in the middle of a dangerous experiment - actually, Dale was suffering a euphoria spike due to Jonah's Serum - and suggesting they discussed at the open house.

Wilder discusses about Molly Hernandez with the Yorkeses

Catherine and Geoffrey met with the Yorkeses at the open house and revealed that Hernandez knew about PRIDE's rituals. Catherine disclosed their plan which Catherine had devised reviewing the Hernandezes' will: sending Hernandez to live with her cousin Graciela Aguirre in Montebello so that she would be away from PRIDE. Although the Yorkeses were uneasy with this plan, they eventually agreed to comply.[6]

PRIDE Challenges

"We don't know the situation yet. It was just one text. One word."
"That's enough. The last time we got a text with that message, the Hernandezes were found in pieces. I should've done something about that, about her back then."
"Let's just keep it cool, Geoffrey, until we know what's up."
―Catherine Wilder and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Along with Geoffrey Wilder, Catherine was informed that Victor Stein had been shot in the Stein Mansion. They drove to the location, with Catherine urging her husband to stay calm until they knew what was happening and were quickly brought up to date: Victor had been shot by Janet Stein in order to protect their son Chase. Catherine advised Janet to take Chase upstairs while she remained with her husband, as well as Tina and Robert Minoru, to deal with the situation. Since Victor was on the verge of dying, they decided to call Dale and Stacey Yorkes for help.

Wilder helps PRIDE to save Victor Stein

Once the Yorkeses arrived, and despite Catherine being highly uncomfortable with the bleeding wound, she helped Stacey to save Victor, who still fell into a coma. Leslie Dean then arrived and told them that she would call her husband Frank for help, prompting Catherine to ask whether they would reintegrate him into PRIDE. However, despite the use of the Healing Gloves, Victor succumbed to his wound, and before PRIDE could hide the body, Jonah, who had been alerted by Tina, arrived as well.

Jonah explained that he would use the Dematerialization Boxes to revive Victor, but that he needed someone to sacrifice for this. Catherine asked him who he had in mind and Jonah answered that he would have Janet give her life for her husband's. However, Janet tried to convince the others to pick someone else and told them that she had done the only thing to do, claiming that none of them would have had the courage to face Victor. When Catherine said that they would never know, she was abruptly told by Janet to shut up.

Wilder tells Janet Stein to get into the Dematerialization Box

As PRIDE kept arguing about who should give their life, Jonah threatened to kill all of them as well as their children. This caused Catherine to panic and to order Janet to quickly get into the Dematerialization Box. After Dale briefly increased the disorder by picking up a gun, Janet eventually agreed to sacrifice herself, but required to say goodbye to Chase, something Catherine agreed to, stating that they would all want that. However, this was proven irrelevant as Robert decided to give his life instead. Catherine watched as Robert got into the Box, only for Tina to destroy it with the Staff of One. As a result, Victor's body was kept in the remaining Box.[10]

Wilder listens to Jonah's threats

Catherine was then invited to the PRIDE Construction Site with the other members of PRIDE, where they saw the site being taken over by the Church of Gibborim with Catherine calming down her husband Geoffrey who was upset by the dismissal of his company. Later however, Catherine was summoned to an emergency PRIDE meeting in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where Jonah revealed that he knew about the fact that the Runaways had discovered the sacrifices and that Catherine, along with Geoffrey and the Yorkeses, had tried to send Molly Hernandez away from him.

On Jonah's orders, Catherine and Geoffrey returned to the Wilder Mansion to try and find their son Alex. They figured out that he was gone and that he had stolen an access card to the construction site. Catherine joined the other members of PRIDE to the site, where they were confronted by the Runaways, who displayed incredible abilities, much to Catherine's surprise.[11] As Jonah joined the fight, Catherine unsuccessfully tried to convince her son to stay with them, but he fled with the other Runaways, except for Karolina Dean who was captured by Jonah.[12]

Leaving PRIDE

Wilder suggests finding Karolina Dean

"That's it! We don't work for him anymore. Consequences be damned."
―Catherine Wilder[src]

Following this confrontation with the Runaways, Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder went to the Minoru Mansion to discuss the recent developments, including Karolina Dean's powers and the fact that Jonah had lied to them all along. Tina Minoru also revealed that it was Leslie Dean who had perpetrated the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez. They then talked about how they could try and protect their children who were on the run, and Catherine suggested finding Karolina Dean in order to question her and determine the Runaways' whereabouts.

Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder decide to leave PRIDE

To that end, Catherine and Geoffrey went to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where they met with Jonah. They requested to see Karolina, but Jonah refused, claiming that Karolina was too weak to speak to them. As Catherine and Geoffrey kept insisting, Jonah's tone became more threatening. Surrounded by members of the Church of Gibborim, Catherine and Geoffrey resolved to leave the place, but Catherine angrily decided that they would have nothing more to do with either Jonah or PRIDE to find their son Alex, to which her husband agreed. As they left, they were unaware that they walked right by Alex, who was hiding from them.

Making good on this decision, Catherine and Geoffrey refused to join another PRIDE meeting at the Yorkes Residence. Catherine later found her husband next to the phone in the Wilder Mansion and told him that he could not wait for it to ring. Geoffrey then told Catherine that he would make a call that would help to get the Runaways to safety, after which they should prepare to go to war.[12]

Search for Alex

Return to PRIDE

"We said we were done with PRIDE, and you sign up to be co-chair with Tina?"
―Catherine Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Since Geoffrey Wilder had asked Flores to issue an APB for the Runaways and the LAPD had claimed to have found them, Catherine and Geoffrey joined the rest of PRIDE to the District 27 West Side Station, expecting to be thanked for their initiative which had quickly brought results. However, it soon turned out that the teenagers who had been arrested were not the Runaways but simply decoys, and Catherine heavily criticized Flores for this work, implying that the lack of women in his unit could be a cause for such a failure.

Despite having decided to leave PRIDE, Catherine and Geoffrey went with the rest of the group to the PRIDE Headquarters, where Tina Minoru revealed that she and her husband Robert had organized a command center for them to coordinate the search for the Runaways. They then discussed about Graciela Aguirre, who had claimed on TV that she had evidence against PRIDE regarding Molly Hernandez's disappearance. Catherine insisted that Aguirre posed a risk to PRIDE's activities, prompting Dale and Stacey Yorkes, as well as the Minorus, to go and pay Aguirre a visit.

Catherine was upset when they discovered that Tina had murdered Aguirre to silence her, but they quickly moved to more pressing issues: the fact that the hole dug at the PRIDE Construction Site could cause massive earthquakes and that the thing located down the hole was alive according to the Yorkeses. As PRIDE struggled to deal with its double objective to stop Jonah and to find their children, Tina insisted that they had to work together with no secrets whatsoever and proposed to Geoffrey that he led PRIDE in these endeavors with her. Catherine was displeased that Geoffrey agreed to this and, once they were alone, confronted him about his choice, but she was convinced to go along with this change of perspective.[13]

Framing Darius Davis

"You're gonna do one more thing for him."
"Yeah, what's that?"
"Same as you did for his father. Take the rap for his murder charge."
―Catherine Wilder and Darius Davis[src]

As an earthquake struck Los Angeles, Catherine joined the rest of PRIDE to discuss whether this was linked to Jonah, and noticed that this earthquake had not triggered any massive damage. Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder then agreed to remain at the PRIDE Headquarters to monitor the video feeds in an attempt to locate the Runaways, and she mocked Geoffrey for the fact that Tina Minoru still behaved like PRIDE's only leader despite him officially being the head of PRIDE as well.

Wilder announces her intent to frame someone for the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez

Since the monitoring gave no convincing results, Catherine decided to switch tactics and left to meet with Detective Flores in order to cancel the APB on the Runaways. She was told that this could only be done if another suspect could be identified for the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez. She returned to inform Geoffrey of this new plan, and when he showed reluctance to frame someone innocent for the rime, Catherine replied that they did not have to pick someone innocent. As it happened, Geoffrey received a phone call from Darius Davis, who claimed that he had found their son Alex, and Catherine began to think that Davis could be a perfect target.[14]

Wilder murders Darius Davis

Catherine and Geoffrey prepared for their son to be delivered to them by Davis, packing up and preparing to leave Los Angeles with new fake IDs. Catherine also took a silenced pistol and a case of Synnergy Serum with her. However, unbeknownst to Geoffrey, Catherine decided that Davis could not be left alive because of the risk he posed to her family. Therefore, she went to the Gordon Hotel, where she knew Davis would go. She then explained that he would be considered guilty of Destiny Gonzalez's murder and shot him with her silenced pistol. She then cleaned up her fingerprints and called Flores for him to close the case of Gonzalez' death.[3]

Unsuccessful Search

Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder argue about the killing of Darius Davis

"How could you just let them go?"
"You mean how could I stop them? Why don't you ask Tina that?"
"The kids got away because Nico had the Staff."
Leslie Dean, Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

In the next morning, after she had been informed by her husband Geoffre that their son Alex had been rescued by the Runaways, Catherine and Geoffrey returned to the PRIDE Headquarters. They had a loud argument about the fact that Catherine had murdered Darius Davis, since Geoffrey believed that Davis had always been a loyal friend to him while Catherine called this a fantasy, claiming that what she had done was no different than Geoffrey killing his leader Osiris. The argument was then interrupted by the arrival of Tina and Robert Minoru, and later the rest of PRIDE.

Catherine and Geoffrey were criticized for having kept information for themselves and let the Runaways escape, but Catherine revealed that the teenagers had been able to do so thanks to the Staff of One, who had secretly been given to Nico Minoru by Tina. Despite these arguments, Catherine remained to look for the Runaways. PRIDE figured out that the Runaways had went to a PRIDE soup kitchen and summoned Jules, who worked there, to question her, with Catherine going as far as to threaten Jules to forbid her to work at the soup kitchen. Catherine and the rest of PRIDE then interrogated Mike on a Bike, who confirmed that he had seen the Runaways.

As another earthquake hit Los Angeles, PRIDE received an alert indicating that the Runaways had been seen at Atlas Academy. Therefore, Catherine joined the rest of the group to the school in an attempt to find Alex. However, they were unable to find the teenagers.[15] Still, they quickly learned that one of her former schoolmate, Eiffel, had seen them. They had her come to the PRIDE Headquarters, but Catherine was deeply annoyed by her shallow behavior and the fact that she had brought lawyers with her. Nevertheless, PRIDE got the confirmation that the Runaways had infiltrated into the school to steal a computer.

Wilder sees Jonah bringing back Robert Minoru

PRIDE discussed about what the Runaways could do with this computer, especially regarding the PRIDE Construction Site. Catherine was then shocked to hear Dale and Stacey Yorkes revealing that they precisely had seen Jonah and Karolina Dean at the site. PRIDE surmised that this could mean that Jonah knew where the Runaways were and suggested that they could force him to disclose the information. Catherine was surprised when Robert announced that he would take on Jonah by himself, but they still let him go with it. However, Robert failed and was taken back to the PRIDE Headquarters by an extremely ill-looking Jonah, much to Catherine's complete astonishment.[16]

Missing Husband

"If you stood me up for no good reason, I'm gonna kill you. I mean, I'm gonna be really mad. I am really mad. If you have a good reason, and something has happened to you call me back. Where the hell are you?"
―Catherine Wilder on Geoffrey Wilder's voicemail[src]

Catherine listened to Jonah's story as he explained that he had gathered PRIDE in order for them to repair his spaceship and make sure that he could leave Earth without any trouble. PRIDE was promised that there would be no earthquake and that the Abstract would be left to them. Once Jonah was gone, Catherine remarked on how Jonah looked ill, hoping that he might die before his ship's launch. They then discussed about what to do, and Catherine was surprised to learn that Geoffrey Wilder had given the Abstract to Janet Stein. Since Catherine's and Geoffrey's role for PRIDE, providing the ownership of the dig site, was over, they left the PRIDE Headquarters for their own business, and as they left, Catherine advised Geoffrey to remain cautious since Jonah was still a threat.

Later in the night, Catherine called Geoffrey since he had missed an appointment. She only got his voicemail and left a worried message, fearing that something had happened to him, unaware that he had nearly been killed by Jonah.[17] Catherine called Detective Flores for assistance and searched through every hospital for Geoffrey to no avail. She thus returned to the PRIDE Headquarters, where a newly cured Jonah was meeting with PRIDE. Catherine interrogated him about Geoffrey's whereabouts, and Jonah confessed that he had intended to absorb Geoffrey but that the Runaways had rescued him.

Wilder is reunited with her husband

Upset by this reveal, Catherine remained mostly silent as Jonah reiterated his intent to leave Earth and that the whole process would be safe. She accompanied the rest of PRIDE to the construction site, and learned that the Runaways were there as well, trying to destroy the ship in the depths of the hole. As the ship was being launched, Karolina Dean, Molly Hernandez, Chase Stein and Nico Minoru got out of the hole, and they were joined by Gert Yorkes and, much to Catherine's relief, her son Alex. Geoffrey arrived as well and Catherine hugged him, confessing that she had been extremely worried about him.

Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder talk to their son Alex

A confrontation then erupted between PRIDE and the Runaways on one side and Jonah on the other side. Although she was struck by Jonah's massive attack against his opponents, Catherine did not actually take part in the battle, only witnessing PRIDE's successful attempts to destroy Jonah's spaceship, quickly followed by the apparent death of Jonah at the hands of Minoru and her Staff of One. As all danger seemed ruled out, Catherine and Geoffrey approached Alex and she asked him if he was all right, but Catherine, along with the rest of PRIDE, fell asleep due to Minoru casting a spell. When they finally woke up, the Runaways were gone once again.[18]

Unwanted Consequences

Wilder learns about Darius Davis' alibi

"PRIDE was supposed to be over."
"Only you two have dragged us all back in with this Darius crap."
"You weren't singing that tune when it got your daughter off murder charges."
Leslie Dean, Tina Minoru and Catherine Wilder[src]

Along with the rest of PRIDE, Catherine celebrated the death of Jonah and the subsequent end of their collaboration, and declared that each family should focus on the search for their own children. However, she soon had to face the consequences of her own actions. Indeed, Catherine was alerted by Detective Flores and his right-hand-man AWOL that Darius Davis' sister-in-law Livvie had provided an alibi for Davis regarding his alleged involvement in the Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez, meaning that the case could be reopened.

Catherine ordered for the video footage provided by Livvie to be destroyed and orchestrated an Attack on Livvie in order to frighten her and make sure that she would no longer be a threat. However, Catherine soon discovered that this attack could have had an unfortunate victim: her own son Alex, who was present when the assault occurred. Catherine was heavily criticized by her husband Geoffrey for having devised such a project, which was a direct consequence of her murder of Davis without his knowledge.[19]

Catherine had to face more criticism when Flores informed PRIDE about the Runaways' recent mission at the Gordon Hotel, and how they were a risk to PRIDE's very existence. However, Catherine also rebuffed the nasty comments, claiming that she was the reason why their children were no longer wanted. While PRIDE decided that they had to prepare weapons to protect themselves against their children, Catherine was told by Geoffrey that he would take her to see Davis' wife Tamar, although Catherine strongly disagreed.

Catherine and Geoffrey went to Nana B's Residence, where Tamar lived, and learned that the Runaways, including Alex, had encountered the LAPD strike team led by AWOL. Catherine then remained mostly silent as Geoffrey spoke with Tamar, although she was visibly shaken to be confronted by the woman whose husband she had killed and who was now left with a baby to look after on her own.[20]

New PRIDE Member

"You can use PRIDE's resources to make up for what we have done."
―Catherine Wilder to Chase Stein[src]

As the new weapons developed by PRIDE were ready to be tested, Wilder joined a trial session at the Stein Mansion, during which she and the rest of PRIDE assessed the efficiency of several new pieces of equipment, including the Subsonic Wave Generator and the Multidirectional Tranquilizer Darts, on PRIDE employees Mary and Megan. They did several trials, repeatedly wiping out the young women's memories with Synnergy Serum.

Later, Wilder remarked that Chase Stein was present at the PRIDE Headquarters as he had been convinced by his father Victor to come home. They discussed PRIDE's new options with Chase coming around and Leslie Dean gone, and Wilder was willing to consider interrogating Chase once again with truth serum and wiping his memory with Synnergy Serum. However, Victor strongly opposed this and claimed that PRIDE would follow his instructions since he was the only one who had been able to convince his child to come home. Catherine attempted to reply, but her husband Geoffrey convinced her not to.

Wilder welcomes Chase Stein into PRIDE

Along with her colleagues, Wilder welcomed Chase in PRIDE, claiming that he would not regret his choice to join them, PRIDE's intent being that the Runaways returned and took the reins of PRIDE to do whatever they wanted with it.[21] She and the other members attempted to convince him to go and meet with his friends so he could persuade them to follow his path and to come home as well. When Chase remarked that PRIDE was still a group of criminals to the eyes of the Runaways, Catherine replied that the teenagers had also breached the law on several occasions.[22]


Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder chase their son Alex

"We got a call about shots fired."
"And you just assumed it was us?"
"There's a lawsuit waiting to happen."
LAPD Officer, Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder[src]

Like the other members of PRIDE, Catherine took part in the Chase of the Runaways with the objective of finding her son Alex and bring him back home no matter the cost. She and her husband Geoffrey cruised across Los Angeles until Tina Minoru informed them that one of her drones had located Alex and directed them towards him. Although Alex was on foot, he managed to steal a car, triggering a hot pursuit in Los Angeles, and Catherine worried that Alex could die in a car crash. They eventually got out of their car as Alex had abandoned his own and ran to follow him. However, they ultimately lost him in an impasse.

Wilder is arrested by the LAPD

Upon hearing gunfire, Catherine and Geoffrey returned to their car, where they found Alex casually waiting for them. As they attempted to convince him to return home, Catherine and Geoffrey were confronted by Alex about all the people they had killed in the past years, be it the Rite of Blood victims or Darius Davis. The LAPD then arrived as Alex left and the officers found in the Wilders' car the gun just recently used by Alex to frame his own parents for an unresolved criminal case. Left with no other alternative, Catherine and Geoffrey were therefore arrested and taken into custody.[22]

Incarceration and Death

Wilder meets with Londell Kendricks

"When I killed Darius, I destroyed the trust between us, and I damn near destroyed the love. So, if paying for that crime absolves you of this one, prison is a gift."
―Catherine Wilder to Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Catherine her husband Geoffrey spent the night in custody at the District 27 West Side Station. In the next day, they met with their lawyer Londell Kendricks to know more about their situation. Catherine and Geoffrey insisted that they were innocent of the crimes they were accused of because of the gun found in their car, and mentioned that it was payback for their old relationship with Darius Davis. As they were taken back into their cell, Catherine instructed Kendricks to try and bail them out.

Wilder decides to pay for her crimes

However, Catherine eventually realized that they could not both be released, and chose to confess to the killing of Davis and take full accountability, thus ensuring Geoffrey's freedom. When confronted by Geoffrey, Catherine insisted that she had to pay for her actions, as her involvement in the Rite of Blood and her attempts to build a life away from PRIDE had seriously damaged their family. As she was handcuffed and taken away by an officer, Catherine began crying and asked Geoffrey to wait for her.[23]

Wilder is visited by her husband

Catherine was therefore imprisoned at the Los Angeles Women's Penitentiary, where she was met with hostility from most of the other inmates, since she was responsible for the jail sentences of many of them due to her lawyer career. During a visit from Geoffrey, Catherine insisted that her serving a jail sentence was the right thing to do to give their family a fresh start. She then asked him to contact their son Alex as she wanted to speak with him. Since Geoffrey doubted that Alex would want to see her, Catherine gave him a message to relay to Alex, expressing confidence that Alex would show up.

Wilder's final talk with her son

As she expected, Catherine was soon visited by Alex since she had revealed to him that she knew the IP address he used for his hacking operations. Although faced with blunt hostility from her son, who refused to even touch her, Catherine inquired about his current situation, and insisted that she wanted to take responsibility for her actions. She then explained that she had realized that Alex was simply following in her footsteps when he had her and Geoffrey arrested, and that she had felt she could not allow it. Catherine told Alex how sorry she was for the crimes she had committed and told her son that she loved him, but Alex rejected her and walked away.

Wilder is stabbed to death

Catherine was then taken back into her cell, where she found herself ambushed by three other inmates, including Shark. Catherine rushed to the door and begged for the guard to open it, but he ignored her. She then tried to convince her attackers to leave her alone, offering them money and influence through her status as a lawyer. However, her offer fell on deaf ears and the inmates slowly approached her. Catherine then learned from one of them that they had been paid off by Tamar as revenge for Davis' death. She was then stabbed and left to bleed to death in her cell.[4]


Catherine's death was immediately reported to her husband Geoffrey, which devastated him. Geoffrey in turn alerted Alex Wilder that his mother had died. The shock of the news, added to the guilt he felt since he was the one who had sent his mother to prison in the first place, caused Alex to lose control of his body to the Magistrate's Son, who had been inside him since the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site but had remained dormant because of Alex's strong personality.[4]

Catherine's death was also reported on the local news as she used to be a prominent figure of Los Angeles due to her career as a successful lawyer and her affiliation to PRIDE. The newsflash was watched by the Runaways, who remembered both how nice she had been to them during their school years and how she had helped to murder teenagers.[24]

Despite Tamar's involvement in his wife's death, Geoffrey eventually married her and helped her raise her son Xerxes Davis.[25]

Catherine was recreated in the Dark Dimension during the six months Alex was trapped in the dark realm. This recreation of Catherine urged Alex to remain a good person and not to follow in her criminal footsteps. In this dimension, a recreation of Darius Davis repeatedly ordered Alex to murder Catherine, something he eventually did as he saw no other choice to escape from the Dark Dimension and help his friends.[26]


"Your mom is very intimidating."
"Well, she has the conviction rate to prove it."
Molly Hernandez and Alex Wilder[src]

A successful lawyer, Catherine was a very confident woman. Usually calm and cunning, she was dedicated to PRIDE's activities at a higher level than her husband Geoffrey was. As such, when Geoffrey showed discomfort before the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez, Catherine wondered why he was acting like this and, after the sacrifice, urged him not to think about what they were doing as pure and pointless crimes. Catherine's dedication to PRIDE even got her as far as considering to use the Synnergy Serum on Molly Hernandez when she suspected that she knew about the Rite of Blood, although she eventually gave up on the idea. However, this should not hide the fact that Catherine was heavily distrustful of Jonah, as she actually correctly inferred that he was responsible for the death of Amy Minoru.

Despite often appearing as cold and even intimidating according to Hernandez, Catherine could show a softer side, especially towards her son Alex and his friends. She tried to do her best to make Alex's life easier after the death of his best friend, expressing her deepest sympathy at the memorial held in her honor and assuring him that Minoru's death was not his fault, and she was also willing to give Hernandez details about her parents Gene and Alice whenever she would feel ready to hear it. When Catherine's suspicions regarding Hernandez having discovered PRIDE's secrets were confirmed, Catherine conspired with Geoffrey, as well as Dale and Stacey Yorkes, in order to protect Hernandez instead of reporting her to Jonah. Similarly to other members of PRIDE, Catherine eventually realized the depth and gravity of the crimes she had committed, and expressed disgust at the example she had set for her son Alex. She thus decided to take full responsibility for them and confessed to the killing of Darius Davis, hoping that this would help repair her family, even though it eventually led her to nothing but her own death.

Although Catherine usually displayed a calm nature, she could occasionally lose her temper, particularly when the life of Alex was at stake. When Jonah threatened to kill both PRIDE and the Runaways if they failed to revive Victor Stein, Catherine angrily ordered Janet Stein to sacrifice herself. Later, when she and her husband confronted Jonah in an attempt to see Karolina Dean to find out her son's whereabouts and were subtly rebuffed, Catherine got angry and bluntly decided to leave PRIDE.


"Aside from being an assassin, she's also one of the city's top defense attorneys."
Alex Wilder[src]
  • Expert Lawyer: Wilder serves as PRIDE's lawyer.
  • Marksman: Wilder was a skilled shooter, as she precisely shot Darius Davis in cold blood.



Other Equipment

  • Abstract: During the Rite of Blood ceremonies, Wilder carried the Abstract, a mysterious book which was stored in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion.
  • Synnergy Serum: When she learned that Molly Hernandez could have discovered the PRIDE sacrifices, Wilder retrieved a case containing a syringe and vials of Synnergy Serum. She took the syringe with her and almost used it when questioning Hernandez, but eventually gave up on the idea since Hernandez gave a plausible explanation regarding her presence near the secret passageway leading to the sacrifice room.


  • Wilder Mansion: Catherine and her husband Geoffrey were given the land on which they built their residence by Jonah. Catherine and Geoffrey lived in a wealthy residence where they also raised their son Alex. Secretly, the mansion also featured a secret underground sacrifice room managed by the Wilders for PRIDE to perpetrate sacrifices in order to revive Jonah. Annually, Catherine welcomed the other members of PRIDE into her house for a meeting preceding the rituals.
  • PRIDE Headquarters: Upon rejoining PRIDE hoping to find her son Alex, Catherine often spent time in the organization's new headquarters to monitor the city surveillance video feeds and discuss PRIDE's plans to locate the Runaways and put an end to Jonah's threat.







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