"Ava, no!"
―Catherine Starr to Ava Starr[src]

Catherine Starr was the wife of Elihas and the mother of Ava. Starr assisted her husband in recreating the Quantum Tunnel. However, they were suddenly killed by an explosion when the Tunnel malfunctioned.


Quantum Tunnel Explosion

Following her husband Elihas' dismissal from S.H.I.E.L.D., Starr and their daughter, Ava, moved with him to Argentina. In order to clear his name, Elihas decided to recreate the Quantum Tunnel, and Starr agreed to assist him, as a renowned scientist. However, experimentation suddenly went wrong and the Tunnel was ready to explode. Starr tried to get Ava away from the Tunnel, but Ava ran in the opposite direction back towards her father and the Tunnel. Starr reached over to her daughter just as the tunnel exploded. Starr and Elihas instantly died while Ava survived, but her molecular condition was unstable.[1]



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