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"You went to... You were in my house."
"You never went back? After your family was-"
Frank Castle and Karen Page[src]

The Castle Residence was the home of the Frank Castle's family.


Family Times

"But I walk in the house and he's painted this marine on the wall. You know, he didn't draw it, Karen. He painted it. It's huge. You know, it takes up half the wall and it was pretty good, too."
Frank Castle to Karen Page[src]

Frank Castle playing guitar with Lisa

Frank Castle was living in the house in a suburban neighborhood of New York City, together with his wife and two children. During Castle's trip to Iraq, Frank Jr. painted a United States Marine Corps officer on the wall of the house, feeling unsafe without his father.[1] Following the Massacre at Central Park, Castle was taken to the Metro-General Hospital, however, he managed to wake up and forced George Bach to take him to his house.[2]

Karen Page's Visit

Karen Page examining the Castle Residence

"Where did you get that?"
"From your home."
"You were in my home? Why were you in my house?"
Frank Castle and Karen Page[src]

Karen Page acquired the information about Frank Castle from George Bach who told her about his house. Inside Castle Residence, Page found mail piled up near the front door's mail slot and dead flowers, as well as toys on the floor. Examining the house with a flashlight, Page found photos of Castle during his service within the United States Marine Corps and his photos with his family at the Central Park. Page soon noticed a van pull up outside the house and proceeded to leave quickly.[2]

Burning the Past

Frank Castle returns to his house

Eliminating Ray Schoonover, Frank Castle returned to the house with Schoonover's stolen arsenal of weapons and looked around before sitting in at the kitchen table with a The New York Examiner newspaper featuring an article on his trial, with the x-ray of his skull as the front image. Using this image as inspiration, Castle went into the garage with the bulletproof vest and began spray painting an image onto it. Castle, donning his vest with a spray-painted skull-like symbol.

Frank Castle burns his house down

Helping Daredevil in his fight against the Hand, Castle decided to burn away the last memories of his former life, setting his home on fire. Breaking his military platoon, Castle found a CD with the footage of the execution of Ahmad Zubair, signed by "Micro". Castle then burned his house and left New York City to continue his crusade against criminals responsible for the deaths of his family.[3]


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