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"When I trained as a corpsman, they gave me a goat. I named my goat Cassius because he was a G.O.A.T., right? You know what they did to that goat? They blew him up. They cut him. Gave him simulated IED injuries. And then they tell you to go out there and save his life. Because that's how we learned."
Curtis Hoyle[src]

Cassius was a goat that was injured repeatedly as a test subject that Curtis Hoyle used in order to advance his medical skills consistently during his time as a Navy SARC.


"What happened? To Cassius?"
"He died, eventually. He died of, uh... of just too much."
Isaac Lange and Curtis Hoyle[src]

Through the words of Curtis Hoyle, he was given a goat, of which he named "Cassius." During their time spent, Cassius was sent out into warzones, where he suffer from serious injury, often bullets, knife slashes, and bomb explosions. Hoyle was tasked to patch Cassius for every bit of wounding he suffered. Eventually, however, the wounds put a toll on him and he passed away.[1]


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