Cassie Dinner -AM

A collection of quotes from Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang.



Spoken about Cassie Lang

"I'm not going to miss my little girl's birthday party."
Scott Lang[src]
"Scott Lang. The martyr, who took on the system and paid the price, losing his family and his only daughter in the process."
Darren Cross[src]


"Mommy, is daddy a bad man? I heard some grown-ups talking. They said he was bad."
"No, he's not bad. Daddy just gets confused sometimes."
―Cassie and Maggie Lang[src]
"Are you trying to find my daddy?"
"Uh, yeah I am, sweetheart. I just want your daddy to be safe."
"Hope you don't catch him."
―Cassie Lang and Jim Paxton[src]
"Are you a monster?"
"Do I look like a monster?"
"I want my daddy."
"I want your daddy too."
―Cassie Lang and Yellowjacket[src]
"Daddy, is that you?"
"Hi, Peanut!"
―Cassie and Scott Lang[src]

Ant-Man and the Wasp


"Okay. We're in. Aw, this place is a maze. Where's that map? We're definitely close. Are you ready?”
"I'm ready, Daddy.”
"Are you sure? Cause once we're inside, you show any hesitation or fear, we're done.”
"I eat fear for breakfast.”
"Wow. That is super cool. Come on. Look! It's Anton. He'll show us the way. Anton, which way do we go? Anton, which way do we go?! Thanks Anton! Look! The ants have burrowed into the tech facility.”
"Oh, no! Lasers!”
"Oh! I got lased! The secret vault. Tell me you brought the contact lens.”
"Perfect! Right there.”
"There! It's the microtreasure!”
"My trophy?”
"It looks like treasure.”
"Oh, it is to me.”
"I wanna take it to show and tell.”
"Oh, you can't do that. Can't. It never leaves the house. It's too important. This is the best birthday present you ever got me."
Scott Lang and Cassie Lang[src]
"Why can’t you just leave my daddy alone?”
”Oh Cassie, this must all seem like a bunch of confusing grown-up stuff to you. Well, think of it this way, your school has rules right? Like you can’t draw on the walls. Well your daddy went to Germany and drew on the walls with Captain America. And that was a violation of article 16 paragraph 3 of the Sokovia Accords. Now as a part of his joint plea deal with homeland security and the German government, he was allowed to return to the U.S. provided he serve 2 years under house arrest followed by 3 years of probation and avoid any unauthorised activities, technology or contact with any former associates who were or are currently are in violation of said accords or any elated statutes. Okay sweetie?"
Cassie Lang and Jimmy Woo[src]
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