"This isn't rope play. Sallinger is a serial killer. People are dead."
"I knew it. I mean, I didn't know it, but it all makes... Oh, God."
Jessica Jones and Caspar Marx[src]

Caspar Marx is a well-known chef and Gregory Sallinger's attempted victim.


Approached by Gregory Sallinger

"Even when he had me in a choke hold, I thought, "Okay, we're skipping right to it". Then I woke up in the kitchen taped to a chair."
"And that didn't raise any red flags?"
"It was sexy at first. Abduction scenario, control stuff."
―Caspar Marx and Jessica Jones[src]

Caspar Marx worked as a chef at the restaurant, interacting with Gregory Sallinger, who was his regular customer. According to Marx, Sallinger acted as an intense but smart and attractive man, except the time that his steak was overcooked what made Sallinger very upset. Once, Sallinger asked Marx to take several photographs of him, so Marx agreed, thinking that Sallinger asked him out. Marx met with him at the restaurant after hours and while Sallinger was setting up his portable photo lab, he prepared some wine and amuse-bouche for them.

Sallinger then had Marx in a choke hold, knocking him out, and he woke up being taped to a chair. Marx assumed that it was some sexual scenario, but Sallinger suddenly started to complain about his overcooked steak. Sallinger accused Marx of being a fraud and his Michelin star was not deserved, as his cooking was awful. As Sallinger did not seem to stop, Marx wanted to interrupt Sallinger and kissed him. Sallinger suddenly freaked out and walked away from the restaurant, leaving Marx taped to a chair. At the next morning, Marx was found by the sous chef who untied him and Marx then changed the restaurant.[1]

Speaking with Jessica Jones

"I need a minute to process..."
"Tell me everything you know about Sallinger, or I'll move on to your fingers."
―Caspar Marx and Jessica Jones[src]

As his restaurant was closed, Marx was approached by Jessica Jones who showed him the picture made by Gregory Sallinger and demanded Marx to tell everything he knew about him. Although Marx was struggling to discuss his private life with Jones, she said that Sallinger kidnapped her friend. Jones also told Marx that what Sallinger was doing with his victims was not a role play, and he actually was a serial killer.

Marx was briefly frustrated by Jones' words but noticed that it makes sense, considering Sallinger's actions. Marx distracted for a bit to process everything he knew but Jones threatened to break his fingers if he doesn't tell her about Sallinger. Marx informed Jones about his interaction with Sallinger and provided her address of his old restaurant where he photographed Marx.[1]





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