"I've lived my entire life behind a desk."
Casey to Loki[src]

Casey is a member of the Time Variance Authority. He works for the bureaucratic organization collecting and filing evidence.


TVA Clerk

Meeting Loki

"Can you at least tell me what it is?"
"It's the Tesseract. Be very careful with it."
"It sounds dumb."
―Casey and Loki[src]

After Hunter B-15 arrived with the Loki variant, she gave Casey the Tesseract to be filed as evidence.[1]

Threatened by Loki

"And this guy kept saying he was gonna turn me into a fish, whatever that is and then they show up and just prune my cart, so there was nothing I could have done."
―Casey to TVA judges[src]

Casey was filing evidence when Loki came up to him and asked him for his name. When Loki got his answer, he threatened to gut Casey like a fish if he didn't give him the Tesseract. When Casey said did not understand what a fish is, Loki questioned how he didn't understand what a fish is. Casey would reveal to him that he lived his entire life behind a desk, only for Loki to ask what difference did it make. Casey explained that he wanted to know what he was being threatened with before he complies, which Loki immediately told him he is being threatened with death. Casey complied by opening the drawer in his evidence cart and gave the Tesseract to Loki. However, Loki noticed multiple Infinity Stones in the drawer and questioned how the Time Variance Authority possessed them. Casey replied that the TVA had a lot of Infinity Stones and that some of the employees used them as paperweights. The perplexed Loki then asked Casey if the TVA is the greatest power in the universe. Before Casey could give his answer to Loki, Hunter B-15 and Mobius M. Mobius came through an elevator with B-15 trying to hit Loki with her baton, but missed and accidentally hit the evidence cart, destroying it due to Loki using the Time Twister to escape the room. Casey was angered with the fact that B-15 almost hit him with the baton, referring to it as messed up. While B-15 and Mobius began to look for Loki, Casey would say that he didn't forgive her.

Later, Casey would be talking to two TVA judges about what happened to him when out of no where B-15 teleported right in front of them due to Loki using the Time Twister against her. Casey began to talk about Loki but stop noticing that B-15 was angry. B-15 would later walk away to capture Loki.[1]


"I wanna know exactly what I'm being threatened with before I comply."

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  • In the comics, Casey was the alien conductor of the Cross-Time Express, a vehicle operating on the Cross-Time Central Express Railroad.


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