"How did you subdue her and get her to wait?"
"No subduing. She stayed willingly once I told her I'd found "Kava" and he was on his way to meet her."
"Oh. But I'm not "Kava"."
"I'm glad I'm not the one who has to tell her that."
Phil Coulson and Carvalho[src]

Carvalho is a Portuguese police officer in Faro.


In her search for "Kava", Sif ended up at the police station of Faro. In order to keep Sif at the station, which was ordered by the prime minister of Portugal, Officer Carvalho told Sif that they found Kava and that "Kava" was on his way to meet her.

Phil Coulson arrived at the police station, and Officer Carvalho explained to him how they managed to keep Sif there, being glad to not be the one that has to tell her that Coulson was not "Kava".

Carvalho also reminded Coulson to pick up Sif's Sword from booking before going to talk to Sif.[1]