"Pinche Punisher de mierda![2]"
―Cartel Sicario[src]

The Cartel Sicario was the last surviving member of the Mexican Cartel who, upon seemingly escaping to Juárez following the deaths of his allies, was shot and killed by the Punisher.


Mexican Cartel

Found by the Punisher

"El último sobreviviente del carretero merece una recompensa.[3]"
Mexican Cartel[src]
Snipe out Cartel

Sicario is shot and killed by the Punisher

Having escaped from the United States of America following the massacre of his fellow Mexican Cartel members at the hands of the Punisher, Sicario eventually made it back to Juárez where he was treated as a hero while he cursed out the Punisher. To celebrate his return, some of his fellow Cartel members arranged for Sicario to have sex with two prostitutes. However, just as Sicario was being pleasured, a single bullet fired by the Punisher struck Sicario directly in the head, killing him instantly.[4]





  1. Translates to The last survivor of the cartel
  2. Translates to Screw you Punisher, piece of shit!
  3. Translates to The last survivor of the cartel deserves a reward.
  4. The Punisher: 1.01: 3 AM
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