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[[Category:Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Characters]]

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"Hell of a machine, Kebo. Built for procession, speed, designed to handle flawlessly under any conditions. Carmine here bought it as a status symbol, to show off, never opened it up, denied it of it's true purpose."
Grant Ward to Kebo[src]

Carmine is a former member of HYDRA under Wolfgang von Strucker's leadership, however, Carmine was confronted by Grant Ward who took the control over HYDRA and demanded him to disclose the location of Werner von Strucker.


Agent of HYDRA

Baron Strucker's Leadership

Carmine was an agent of HYDRA, who used his position there to gain money and respect over keeping to HYDRA's core values. His greed meant he purchased a brand new sports car not to drive but to have as a status symbol, never driving it as fast as it could go. Carmine was one of the few HYDRA agents who knew the location of Werner von Strucker, the son of Wolfgang von Strucker.[1]

Interrogated by Grant Ward

"Now it's your chance, to prove you still have a purpose, show me you're not dead weight. So tell me, where's the kid?"
Grant Ward to Carmine[src]

Carmine is surrounded by Grant Ward's team

When Wolfgang von Strucker was killed by Ultron, one of the few remaining HYDRA cells was taken over by Grant Ward. In his quest to gain new members, Ward went to Carmine to gain the location of Werner von Strucker. Ward stole Carmine's sports car and drove into him, driving full speed through his warehouse base with Carmine clinging to the bonnet for dear life, all while debating the old HYDRA's greed with Kebo. Eventually, Ward slammed on the brakes and sent Carmine flying before Ward's operatives surrounded him and demanded to know von Strucker's location. Due to being outnumbered, Carmine told Ward where to find von Strucker.[1]





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