"You know, I'd have given you the world. I'd have given you anything that you ever wanted... if you'd just wanted me. See you next week, Mom."
Billy Russo[src]

Carla Russo was the neglectful mother to Billy Russo.



"You know what? I'm not exactly sure where I was born. But the way that I see it, even if your meth-head mother safe-havens you at a fire station in Albany, you're still born in the greatest country in the world."
Billy Russo to Dinah Madani[src]

Some time ago, Carla birthed Billy Russo. During this time, however, she became addicted to meth and neglectful of her son's needs. Russo eventually abandoned her son outside of a fire station in Albany, New York, and progressively experienced worsening effects from years of meth usage.[1]

Visit from Russo

"You had a choice. Me, I never did. You saw to that. And yet here I am. You know, all those years in those group homes gives you a lot of time to think. And now I'm returning the favor. Maybe you did me a solid, you know? I mean, the way I see it, you want weak kids, give 'em everything. But if you want 'em strong, treat 'em hard."
Billy Russo to Carla Russo[src]

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