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"My son was excited. He could see the Iron Man from the car window."
Helmut Zemo to T'Challa[src]

Carl Zemo was the son of Helmut Zemo.


Carl Zemo lived with his father Helmut and his mother in Novi Grad, the capital city of Sokovia. When Ultron and the Avengers battled in the city, Carl and his family moved to the countryside, to his grandfather's house, which they believed to be safe from the peril. The destruction, however, reached the country, and while his grandfather tried to shield his daughter-in-law and his grandson, they were all killed by the destruction of Novi Grad.[1]





Behind the Scenes

  • Carl Zemo's name is never mentioned in the movie, but can be heard by Helmut Zemo's wife in a deleted scene.[2]


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