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"Thanks, Carl. You're the best."
Frank Dean to Carl[src]

Carl is a security guard of the Church of Gibborim.


Providing Security

"This site's being run by the Church of Gibborim now."
"Oh, maybe you should call my dad and have him authorize it."
― Carl and Karolina Dean[src]

Carl was one of the members of the Church of Gibborim to be tasked with providing security for the PRIDE Construction Site once Jonah dismissed the employees hired by the Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc.. As such, Carl intercepted the Runaways as they attempted to infiltrate into the site, pretending to be there for a school project. As he informed them that the site was run by the Church of Gibborim, Karolina Dean asked Carl to call her father Frank Dean to confirm that they could enter. Carl made the call and Frank effectively told him that the teenagers were allowed to access the site. Therefore, Carl granted access to the Runaways.[1]