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"Just do it. Please. Do what he says, please. Please just do it."
―Carl to Punisher[src]

Carl is a working employee for a stand in Central Park whom was quickly made a victim of Billy Russo's brutality.


Hostage Situation

Captured by Billy Russo

"They're bleeding out. Remind me how it goes again. Ticktock, ticktock, right? Guess two more kids are gonna die for you."
Billy Russo to Frank Castle[src]

Around closing time for the stand, Carl and Hayley conversed with one another behind the counter and were about to engage in romantic affairs when they are approached by Billy Russo. Though he informed him that they were closed, Carl and his partner were beaten and bloodied before being bound to the horses of the carousel. While Russo and Castle dueled, he cried and was soon threatened by Russo to beg for Frank Castle's rescue. Eventually, the couple was freed and awaited the arrival of the police.[1] Carl and Hayley were questioned about the incident by Brett Mahoney and they told him about Castle.[2]