"You are a dangerous monster!"
"I am no monster. I am sometimes dangerous, but only toward those who are deserving."
―Cardozo and Sif[src]

Cardozo is the owner of a balloon stand on the beaches of Faro.


Cardozo was working at his balloon stand when a fight between Sif and Vin-Tak started on the beach. Although the fight was won by Vin-Tak, Sif managed to destroy a part of his nitrogen containment hardware. In need for materials to repair it, Vin-Tak destroyed Cardozo's booth and stole the valves of his helium tanks.

The next day, Cardozo, while being interviewed by Phil Coulson, noticed Sif and Melinda May walking towards them. Cardozo, remembering the fight, called Sif a dangerous monster. Sif, who did not see herself as a monster, reacted in defense and ordered Cardozo to answer the questions asked by Coulson. Cardozo then explained what happened the day before, giving Coulson and his team new information about Vin-Tak.[1]





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