"That's your weakness, Carbone. You've always kept yourselves isolated."
Mariah Dillard to Rosalie Carbone[src]

The Carbone Crime Family is a criminal organization led by Rosalie Carbone.


Carbone Crime Family was a powerful criminal gang in New York City for many years. During his time as leader of family, Rosalie Carbone's father tried to push the Stokes out of Harlem's Paradise to take control of Harlem. Years later, his daughter became the head of the family. She established cooperation between her organization and several other criminal syndicates, such as the Russian Mafia.[1]

Carbone visited the Calderwood Auction House to meet with Eric Hong, Anibal Izqueda and Hai-Qing Yang. Mariah Dillard joined them to inform them about situation. She offered them to create an alliance of their organizations with Harlem as center of business. Carbone seemed annoyed by Dillard's actions and remained skeptical to her plan.[2]

Plans for Harlem

"Rosalie Carbone wants to take over Harlem. The same way her father did back in the day when he tried to push the Stokes out of Harlem's Paradise. She's been waiting for an opening like this, and now she has one."
Shades to Luke Cage[src]

After Dillard's arrest, situation in Harlem has grown dangerous because of gang wars and chaos on the streets. Taking her advantage, Carbone led her organization to take over Harlem. To be sure, she ordered two inmates of Ryker's Island who worked on her to kill Dillard, but she was saved by Kalinda Potter who killed the attackers.

Shades informed Luke Cage about Carbone's plans and he decided to act. Cage went to Carbone's office to set her straight. He easily defeated all of Carbone's gangsters before he made his way to Carbone herself. Cage warned Carbone to stay away from Harlem, but she refused because Harlem is her home. Before leaving, Cage threatened to damage her business if she ever appears in Harlem again.

When Cage became the owner of Harlem's Paradise, Carbone visited club with several members of family to speak with him. Cage ordered Sugar to put them in VIP downstairs.[1]

Approached by Kingpin

"I gotta hand it to you, Fisk. You know how to put on a show. Just one question. Where do I drop the cash?"
Rosalie Carbone to Wilson Fisk[src]

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  • In the comics, the Carbone Crime Family was infiltrated by the Punisher.


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