"But serious, who follows a stranger down a dark alley dressed as pups? I mean, on principle alone, I can't let this end well for ya."
Hellfire to the Watchdogs[src]

The Capture of the Watchdogs was a task undertaken by Hellfire to kidnap members of the Watchdogs and use them for Hive's experiments.


"We're ready for the alpha test."
"You were confident the last time."
"True. This time we have all the right ingredients. You just need to find volunteers."
"I'm recruiting some. Special ones."
Holden Radcliffe and Hive[src]

With Hive's plans coming more and more together, Holden Radcliffe informed him that they were ready for the next test for the experiment and led Hive to his lab while leaving Daisy Johnson to recover. Hive questioned if the test would work this time after the last failure which had killed Kirk Vogel, but Radcliffe promised that it would, as he was confident that they now had all the right ingredients with the Kree blood that Johnson had supplied. When Radcliffe noted that all they needed now was some volunteers.[1]


Hellfire attacks a group of Watchdogs

"End of the line, Inhuman! There's nowhere left to run."
"I suppose there's always hell."
Pete Boggs and Hellfire[src]

After Hive made a call to the Watchdogs alerting them of an Inhuman, Hellfire made his way through the street where the Watchdogs were waiting. They fell for this deception and followed him. They then followed him down an ally after he started running, and cornered him. However, after grabbing a chain, Hellfire started to taunt them and used his abilities to disarm one of the Watchdogs.

Hive corners a group of Watchdogs

This caused them to try and retreat, but they were stopped by Hive, who informed them that he was the one who had called them, although he was not a part of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit. He then told them he wanted them to become the very thing that they hated most in this world. They then captured all the Watchdogs and brought them back to their base.[1]


Holden Radcliffe creates the Primitives

"What have I done?"
"I think you overcooked them, Doc."
Holden Radcliffe and Hellfire[src]

Once they returned to their base, the captured Watchdogs were led into a shipping container, where Holden Radcliffe had prepared the experiment. The shipping container was then filled with the Absolution Virus which caused the men to undergo a painful Terrigenesis as they screamed in agony. They then waited for the experiment to be complete. However, the result was not what was intended, but instead the Watchdogs were transformed into Primitives.[1]


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