"Sir, Agent May just called. She's on her way back. She caught him."
Trevor Khan to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Capture of Sarge was a successful attempt by Melinda May to capture Sarge and take him to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.


"I didn't kill him, but I am going to kill you, and I'm gonna make sure it hurts."
Melinda May to Sarge[src]

Following the Attack on Deke Shaw, Melinda May, who was captured by Sarge, was kept prisoner on his truck. He questioned May about Phil Coulson, a man who had the same appearance as Sarge. Then, he had Snowflake capture a Human infected by a Shrike, which he let May fight alone. Afterwards, he explained that he came to Earth to fight the Shrikes and their creator. Sarge left Snowflake to take care of the prisoner, while he was driving the truck.[3]


"He was your dream. I'm your nightmare."
Sarge to Melinda May[src]
May knocks Snowflake out

Melinda May knocks out Snowflake

Melinda May began mocking Snowflake by telling her that she's insane, and the latter tried to convince her to be reincarnated. However, it was all a mere distraction and May easily knocked down Snowflake. May freed herself and grabbed a rope, which she used in an attempt to strangle Sarge. Despite the element of surprise, Sarge was able to break free and overpowered May. He taunted her by mentioning Phil Coulson, but this only made her more determined to kill Sarge. As May remembered her time on Tahiti with Coulson, May was able to knock out Sarge and tie him to the truck with a handcuff. May then took control of the truck and drove it to the Lighthouse.[3]


Just as S.H.I.E.L.D. was welcoming Daisy Johnson's return from space, Trevor Khan received a call from Melinda May, announcing him of Sarge's capture. He then proceeded to tell the news to Alphonso Mackenzie and other agents.[3]


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