"Where's he going?"
"To undermine an imposter."
Crystal and Medusa[src]

The Capture of Maximus was an attempt by Triton to abduct his cousin Maximus following the latter's refusal to negotiate with the Inhuman Royal Family.


"Maximus, I am warning..."
"Warn me? You are in no position to do anything. Extend grace? Become one of you? I have always been one of you, and now I am King! And will remain so."
Medusa, speaking for Black Bolt, and Maximus[src]
Havoc in the Hidden Land 2

Medusa, Black Bolt, and Maximus meet for parley

Having been previously exiled onto Earth because of Maximus, the Inhuman Royal Family managed to return to Attilan and asked their treacherous relative for parley, which Maximus agreed. During the meeting, Black Bolt and Medusa offered to grant Maximus the opportunity to undergo a second Terrigenesis and a full pardon in exchange for him returning the throne to Black Bolt. Maximus refused, claiming that Black Bolt was in no position of granting anything. The parley thus ended in a true declaration of war.

Contrary to what Maximus believed, the Inhuman Royal Family remained on the Moon, hidden in the Royal Bunker. Black Bolt then instructed Triton to cause malfunctions all across the city of Attilan, creating a climate of insecurity and forcing Maximus to personally react.[1]


"Triton, is everything okay?"
"Maximus is out in the open. My guess, they're taking him back to his apartment."
"How many men are with him?"
"Only six."
"You be careful, we only just got you back."
Medusa and Triton[src]

After the failed parley with the Inhuman Royal Family, Triton went undercover in Attilan in hope to capture Maximus. He then spotted Maximus being escorted by six guards, so Triton stealthily killed three of the guards and then pursued Maximus and the remaining guards. He managed to trap them in a tunnel and began to kill the rest of the guards, but Maximus was able to escape. However, Triton turned around and intercepted Maximus, causing him to run into a room where he would become trapped.

Triton Maximus Fight

Maximus is defeated by Triton

Triton joined Maximus in the room and dropped his twin blades, deciding to go into a fist fight with his cousin. Although Maximus attempted to fight back, he was overpowered by Triton's fighting skills. Resorting to a ruse, Maximus pretended to surrender only to try to attack Triton, again being unsuccessful. Triton then knocked Maximus out with a back flip kick, which knocked his opponent unconscious. Defeated, Maximus was brought to Black Bolt in the Royal Bunker.[1]


IRH Maximus AFBB

Maximus is interrogated by the Inhuman Royal Family

"Once I'd realized that you were likely to attack, I enacted a fail safe system. If I die, all of Attilan dies with me."
Maximus to Black Bolt[src]

Once in the Royal Bunker, the Inhuman Royal Family proceeded to interrogate Maximus so that he would surrender and give up on Attilan. However, Maximus revealed that he had enacted a preemptive measure before his capture: the protective dome surrounding Attilan would collapse if Maximus did not prevented it from doing so.[1] As a result, Black Bolt and Triton decided to force Maximus to stop the collapse of the dome in Attilan's Control Room while Medusa and Crystal prepared for a potential evacuation of Attilan.[2]


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