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The Capture of Kilgrave was a failed attempt by Jessica Jones, Trish Walker, and Will Simpson to subdue and collect Kilgrave and relocate him. Their plans were ruined by hired security whom managed to assault and reclaim their cilent.


Close to reaching Kilgrave, Jessica Jones entered an apartment and managed to subdue the enthralled family tasked to defeat her. She soon found a room in which images of her face and person were littered throughout the floors and walls. Eventually, Jones discovered that the mystery photographer was Malcolm Ducasse.[3]

During one morning, Jones trailed Ducasse from a distance. She watched as Ducasse met another victim of Kilgrave instruct him to meet Kilgrave at an alternate location within Central Park.[1]


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Jessica Jones regrouped with Trish Walker, whom blamed herself for the lack of fighting skills, and Will Simpson, who restrained a captured security guard.

Returning to her apartment building, Jones interrupted an altercation between Malcolm Ducasse and Tweaky, kicking the dealer off of him. Jones, then, shoved Ducasse down, alternatively handcuffing him to his bathroom toilet.[1]


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